How To Watch Asianet TV In USA (And Save 50%)

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Sling TV Updates! Now you can hit Asianet TV with Sling streaming, grab your Sling subscription plan with a 50% discounted offer, and Watch Asianet TV programming right away.

Sling TV is a live streaming service that provides on-demand networks of your choice. At this time, Sling TV added Star India Channels to its subscription package, which includes the streaming of popular network Asianet TV to provide hours of your demanding content— as your desires are Sling’s top priority.

To explore more about Sling TV’s new Indian channel lineup, read the below guide to learn about all the key points and how to Watch Asianet TV with Sling TV in USA.

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Asianet TV with Desi binge

Best streaming app to watch Asianet TV:

In the USA, as all the audience wanted screen sharing of their favorite Indian TV Channels in a legal way, Sling TV stood up to give them live streaming of Indian TV Channels of their selection.

Now Sling TV has updated its Desi TV lineup by adding more demanding networks such as Hotstar Specials and Star India Channels, whose networking includes the streaming of Asianet TV, launched on September 13, 2023.

SlingTv->Desi binge (Asianet TV)Subscription CostSubscription Link
Desi Binge$5/Mo (50% Off)Subscribe Now
Desi Binge Plus (Asianet TV & Cricket WC)$10/Mo (50% Off)Subscribe Now

Sling TV makes it accessible for all to watch unlimited Desi TV content without any VPN provider—the reason to keep it on the list of the best streaming apps to watch Indian TV Channels in the USA, and at this time, it is also important to say that it is the best streaming app to watch Asianet TV in USA.

Watch Asianet Live with Desi binge Plus

Asianet is streamable on Sling TV now:

Watch Asianet TV now in the USA with Sling TV! In the new Sling TV subscription plan, you can also get the Star India Channels which are popular networks that stream Asianet TV. 

Sling, give you wings! All the Indian fandom can get the whole Desi TV live in an affordable way; your entire library of on-demanding networks is far from you with just a click.

Asianet TV is an Indian Malayalam language general entertainment channel operated by Star India, giving you the top reality shows, family dramas, game shows, originals, and comedy thrills all in Malayalam.

Which Sling Plan offers Asianet TV streaming?

To Watch Asianet TV and other VOD Indian networks, you need access to a Sling subscription plan.

Desi Binge Plan+ Asianet TV:

  • The Desi Binge Pack gives you streaming rights to access all the Malayalam content on Asianet TV.
  • Get this entertainment pack for just $10/mo. 
  • Exciting Offer— Sling TV is now running a 50% OFF deal on its Desi Binge plan. You can grab your Indian TV streaming in $5 at this time

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How to get an Asianet TV Subscription in USA?

To get Asianet TV into your subscription with Sling TV, you have to follow the step-by-step procedure below:

  1. To sign up with Sling TV, you need to install the app or just click the link.
  2. Now you have your screen with a Watch Now button. Click it to start.
  3. Your email and password are required for signing up.
  4. Select the plan of your choice for Asianet TV streaming and choose the Desi Binge pack.
  5. Wanna Sling TV more channels? Hit to its extras and premiums to enhance your lineup.
  6. Now fill in all the required Sling TV credentials to pay.
  7. After payment, you get immediate access to the Sling TV Plan.

Sling TV full list of Desi TV Channels:

Are you excited to know what the Desi Binge plan’s full channel list is? If yes, then you will be super charged after learning that you can spend hours watching interminable content on it. Here is the full lineup of Desi Binge pack Channels showed by the Sling TV:

  • MX ONE.
  • SonyLIV.
  • Hotstar Specials.
  • Shemaroo me.
  • Simply South.

Star India Channels.

Amazingly, with the Asianet TV reality dramas and shows, you also get access to Malayalam-language back-to-back Asianet Movies, which you can stream wherever you are. 

Sling TV Pros & Cons:

Is Sling TV beneficial for you? Here is a quick survey of some key facts about Sling TV that will let you know whether it works for you or not.


  • Affordable live and on-demand streaming.
  • Giving the content of the viewers choice. 
  • Compatible with all the popular devices.
  • Giving multiple screenings at once. 
  • Giving you customization through special add-ons and premiums. 
  • 50 hours of recording DVR for FREE.
  • Free catch-up TV
  • Give you new deals and exciting discounts. 
  • It is Best way to watch Indian TV Channels live. 
  • Available in different languages.


  • There is no free trial.
  • Geo-restricted app.

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The Bottom Line:

Now Sling TV is your home to stream live and on-demand networks as it manages a huge library of Indian TV Channels in 10 different regional languages. 

With its demanding networks, it also has several enhanced features, which makes it a highly recommended streaming app in the USA.

Moreover, it provides monthly offers and discounts, such as the fact that currently you get 50% OFF on the Sling Desi Binge pack and can get surprising discounts on a yearly basis, plus you can get basic TV networks free with a Sling Freestream offer.

Sling TV has something for everyone. Connect now to explore more about it. 

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