How to Watch ICC ODI World Cup in USA

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There’s no better time to be a cricket fan than right now! It’s time for the biggest international cricket tournament, ICC ODI World Cup 2023! It features plenty of exciting matches, which will keep you hooked on cricket for life. But how can you watch all this action?

You can Watch ICC ODI World Cup 2023 with ESPN+, Sling TV, and the best-discounted Disney Bundle package.

These are the most affordable and easy-to-use apps to watch the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. With a standard subscription, you can access all 48 games of the tournament live or on-demand, as well as match highlights.

There are tons of ways to Watch ICC ODI World Cup 2023, but we have selected some of the most popular and affordable ways to Watch Live.

Watch ICC ODI World Cup

Best Way to Watch ICC ODI World Cup Live:

The Best Way to Watch ICC ODI World Cup Live is at ESPN+. It’s one of the largest streaming services in the USA that provides you with all streaming benefits, from action movies to fantasy sports games.

WC Streaming Rights in USASubscription PriceSubscription Link
ESPN+$10/Mo or $100/YearSubscribe Now
Disney Bundle$12.99/MoSubscribe Now
SlingTV$10/Mo or $60/YearSubscribe Now

The Disney Bundle includes three in one package of Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+. 

  • ESPN+ offers thousands of live Sports events, studio shows, and on-demand content. 
  • With Hulu, you can watch the latest and greatest shows and movies in the entertainment industry.
  • With Disney+, you get new releases, classics, series, and original series from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic creators.
WOrld Cup on Disney Bundle

How Much Does Disney Bundle Cost?

Disney Bundle is one of the most affordable streaming purchases that give you all streaming benefits only for $12.99 per month.

But Currently, for Cricket Fans, Disney Bundle offers a Greatest Discount of 50% OFF. Wanna take advantage? Read our Related Article and claim you 50% OFF on Disney Bundle:

Separate StreamingSeparateBundle
Disney+ Basic
Hulu (With Ads)
Trio Basic Total$25.97$12.99 (50% Off)

Watch ICC ODI World Cup Live With ESPN+:

ESPN+ is also one of the best ways to watch ICC ODI World Cup. ESPN+ is a popular sports streaming service in the USA that offers you live sports streaming content with multiple language selections, 4k streaming quality, and a fantastic user experience.

Not only cricket, but you can also enjoy MLB, NHL, and MLS games on ESPN+. Along with PGA golf, UFC, College football, international soccer, and tennis, additional sports are also available on ESPN.

World Cup on ESPN+

How Much Does ESPN+ Cost?

ESPN+ is a Paid streaming service that costs $9.99 per month, and if you want an Annual subscription, then you can get access to ESPN+ for all streaming benefits just for $99.99 per year.

  • The ESPN+ Monthly Subscription Costs $9.99 Per Month.
  • The ESPN+ Yearly Subscription Costs $99.99 Per Year.

Well, you know, this is quite expensive, that’s why we suggest you subscribe to Disney Bundle. Still, If you want to subscribe to ESPN+ only, you can take advantage of the 7-day Free trial. 

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Watch ICC ODI World Cup Live with Sling TV:

If you are a fan of Indian channels along with Indian sports content, Sling TV is the Best option for you! Since It aims to give more and more live and on-demand content to people, sling TV is becoming most popular in the US.

Sling TV lets you watch live sports, news, and hit television shows and movies. Depending on your subscription, Sling TV offers a wide variety of channels like ESPN, the NFL Network, Fox Sports 1, Disney Channel, CNN, and the Food Network.

Sling TV is a great option for those who want to watch ICC ODI World Cup live. You can enjoy the live streaming of your favorite teams on Sling TV at a fair price. 

It is available on many platforms, so you don’t have to worry about missing the match due to not being able to access it from your device. 

Read our Sling TV Review! and get all your answers related to Sling TV.

WC on Sling

How Much Does Sling TV Cost?

Sling TV subscription Comes with the most affordable subscription cost:

  • Sling Willow Kit: The Sling Willow Kit costs you $7/Mo and $60/Yr.
  • Sling Desi Binge Plus Pack: Sling Desi Binge Plus offers you $10/Mo and $100/Yr.
  • Sling Dakshin Pack: Sling Dakshin Pack gives you access to cricket, big networks, and entertainment for $10/Mo and $100/Yr.
  • Special Offer: Sling Blue+ Willow kit with a discounted price of $45.

But if you sign up with our special link, you’ll get 50% OFF on each plan (Sling Orange will cost only $17.5, Sling Blue will cost only $17.5, and Both Sling Orange and Blue will cost only $25).

And with Sling TV’s free 7-day trial, you can watch all the matches at no cost! Read our Article on Best Sling TV Plans in 2023.

Cricket ODI World Cup Schedule 2023

ENGLAND vs NEW ZEALANDThur Oct 5, 202302:00 PMAhmedabad
PAKISTAN vs NETHERLANDSFri Oct 6, 202302:00 PMHyderabad
BANGLADESH vs AFGHANISTANSat Oct 7, 202310:30 AMDharamsala
SOUTH AFRICA vs SRI LANKASat Oct 7, 202302:00 PMDelhi
INDIA vs AUSTRALIASun Oct 8, 202302:00 PMChennai
NEW ZEALAND vs NETHERLANDSMon Oct 9, 202302:00 PMHyderabad
ENGLAND vs BANGLADESHTue Oct 10, 202310:30 AMDharamsala
PAKISTAN vs SRI LANKATue Oct 10, 202302:00 PMHyderabad
INDIA vs AFGHANISTANWed Oct 11, 202302:00 PMDelhi
AUSTRALIA vs SOUTH AFRICAThur Oct 12, 202302:00 PMLucknow
NEW ZEALAND vs BANGLADESHFri Oct 13, 202302:00 PMChennai
INDIA vs PAKISTANSat Oct 14, 202302:00 PMAhmedabad
ENGLAND vs AFGHANISTANSun Oct 15, 202302:00 PMDelhi
AUSTRALIA vs SRI LANKAMon Oct 16, 202302:00 PMLucknow
SOUTH AFRICA vs NETHERLANDSTue Oct 17, 202302:00 PMDharamsala
NEW ZEALAND vs AFGHANISTANWed Oct 18, 202302:00 PMChennai
INDIA vs BANGLADESHThur Oct 19, 202302:00 PMPune
AUSTRALIA vs PAKISTANFri Oct 20, 202302:00 PMBengaluru
NETHERLANDS vs SRI LANKASat Oct 21, 202310:30 AMLucknow
ENGLAND vs SOUTH AFRICASat Oct 21, 202302:00 PMMumbai
INDIA vs NEW ZEALANDSun Oct 22, 202302:00 PMDharamsala
PAKISTAN vs AFGHANISTANMon Oct 23, 202302:00 PMChennai
SOUTH AFRICA vs BANGLADESHTue Oct 24, 202302:00 PMMumbai
AUSTRALIA vs NETHERLANDSWed Oct 25, 202302:00 PMDelhi
ENGLAND vs SRI LANKAThur Oct 26, 202302:00 PMBengaluru
PAKISTAN vs SOUTH AFRICAFri Oct 27, 202302:00 PMChennai
AUSTRALIA vs NEW ZEALANDSat Oct 28, 202310:30 AMDharamsala
NETHERLANDS vs BANGLADESHSat Oct 28, 202302:00 PMKolkata
INDIA vs ENGLANDSun Oct 29, 202302:00 PMLucknow
AFGHANISTAN vs SRI LANKAMon Oct 30, 202302:00 PMPune
PAKISTAN vs BANGLADESHTue Oct 31, 202302:00 PMKolkata
NEW ZEALAND vs SOUTH AFRICAWed Nov 1, 202302:00 PMPune
INDIA vs SRI LANKAThur Nov 2, 202302:00 PMMumbai
NETHERLANDS vs AFGHANISTANFri Nov 3, 202302:00 PMLucknow
NEW ZEALAND vs PAKISTANSat Nov 4, 202310:30 AMBengaluru
ENGLAND vs AUSTRALIASat Nov 4, 202302:00 PMAhmedabad
INDIA vs SOUTH AFRICASun Nov 5, 202302:00 PMKolkata
BANGLADESH vs SRI LANKAMon Nov 6, 202302:00 PMDelhi
AUSTRALIA vs AFGHANISTANTue Nov 7, 202302:00 PMMumbai
ENGLAND vs NETHERLANDSWed Nov 8, 202302:00 PMPune
NEW ZEALAND vs SRI LANKAThur Nov 9, 202302:00 PMBengaluru
SOUTH AFRICA vs AFGHANISTANFri Nov 10, 202302:00 PMAhmedabad
AUSTRALIA vs BANGLADESHSat Nov 11, 202310:30 AMPune
ENGLAND vs PAKISTANSat Nov 11, 202302:00 PMKolkata
INDIA vs NETHERLANDSSun Nov 12, 202302:00 PMBengaluru
T.B.C. vs T.B.C.Wed Nov 15, 202302:00 PMMumbai
T.B.C. vs T.B.C.Thur Nov 16, 202302:00 PMKolkata
T.B.C. vs T.B.C.Sun Nov 19, 202302:00 PMAhmedabad

World Cup Broadcasting Rights

Below is the complete list of channels that will broadcast the Asia Cup 2023. In the US the broadcasting rights are with ESPN Plus.

Country Broadcast/Live Streaming channel
United StatesESPN PlusDisney Bundle
IndiaDisney Plus Hotstar
UKSky sports cricket
New ZealandSky Sports
South AfricaSuper sports
Sri LankaStar Cricket


The ICC ODI World Cup is going to be a fun and exciting event for fans of cricket. If you want to watch the tournament online, then Disney Bundle is the Best Way to Watch your favorite cricket matches life from your home!

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