Sling TV Hindi: Best Way to Watch Live Desi Channels in USA (50% Off)

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People of the USA living in an era where they are using the cheapest live TV streaming services. Sling TV became the first mover to offer Live TV streaming in the United States. In today’s current market, YouTube TV, AT&T TV Now, and Live TV Hulu are a variety of the newest rivals giving competition to Sling TV.

Sling TV Hindi has developed itself as the first live-streaming service in the United States with high-quality Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bangladesh, and other Indian regional content. It will screen Hindi plays, films, and programs at lower rates than cable connections.

The aim is to encourage viewers to watch their favorite programs to feel connected to home from anywhere or on any screen. 

From time to time, Sling TV continuously worked to provide improvised material. It is now an ideal option for USA and Hindi viewers who want to enjoy cable TV live.

Sling TV Hindi

A Brief about What is Sling TV in General?

Sling TV subscribers can watch their television channels, laptops, smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, and other streaming devices on their TV channels and on-demand channels. For the availability of services, a dish subscription is not mandatory.

Sling TV is only available in the United States, however. Live events are broadcast over the Internet, similar to cable or satellite TV systems, requiring Internet bandwidth of at least 25 Mbps or more.

Subscribers can access media content from iOS, Android, Xbox One, Roku, Chromecast, and Windows computers. Users can only download and install Sling TV, sign in, and begin to receive Sling’s 23-channel line-up and access a choice of about 65 additional channels as a separate supplementary kit.

The Crisp of Sling TV Hindi!!

Sling TV is just a satellite or cable TV, so you can watch it on the Internet instead of using any cable box. It broadcasts HD content from other parts of India, such as Tamil, Telugu, Hind, and Bangla.

You can do this directly on your devices such as your phone, smart television, etc. Sling TV Hindi is perfect for American Hindi audiences who like to watch Indian channels to feel connected to their homes.

Well, there are 2.69 Million subscribers of Sling TV as of the data for the year 2020.

Sling tv Hindi

With Sling TV Hindi, you skip regular packages and, instead, have the option of multiple packets offering Hindi channels on Sling TV. You have more than one package feature for Sling TV Hindi channels, so let’s explore your features and look at the Hindi channels on Sling TV before you sign up!

No sign-up details apart from essential information are needed for Sling TV. An email, name, address, and credit card details are needed. You will not have to link your social security number, and there’ll be no credit or package checks. Your membership will be charged by month, and you don’t incur any extra fees if you don’t like it and cancel it. Your membership will end after the 30 days have expired.

You can also view the video replay of Sling TV. You don’t even have to worry about catching a performance because all of your highlights are available for eight days at a time! New members also have a 7-day trial available. There are also special deals, and although they often shift, a common one includes a free Roku for the prepaid Sling Tv subscription.

IPL And WC 2023 on SlingTV

There is more live cricket in the U.S. on Sling, including the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup and the best domestic and international cricket. With our FREE Catch-Up TV feature, you can watch live games and highlights for up to 8 days following their broadcast.

The IPL 2023 can be viewed live and exclusively on SlingTV Willow or ESPN Plus. The IPL 2023 match will be live-streamed on the Hotstar App and Website via Smart Phone and the Internet.

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Why you should choose Sling TV

1. Provides numerous packages: Sling TV provides various bundles; in reality, channels are priced and made available according to the plan.

The viewers are equipped with Hindi, Hindi Mega, and Hindi Gold sets. Besides the channels included in the bundle, the audience can also choose to include a Hindi-TV menu with Gujarati, World News, Hindi Spiritual, Punjabi Extra, Oriya Extra, Bollywood Movie Extra, and even Hindi News Extra.

2. Convenient Billings method: These channels may be included in the monthly billing at different rates. The inclusion cost per month varies from 5-15$ a month. The Hindi Channels are an ideal source of fun for NRIs residing in the United States of America to remain linked to their countries.

3. Live Streaming Services: Sling TV is an OTT service that allows users to stream live TV on the Web. Sling TV subscription services starting at $25 a month allow you to access various channels, such as ESPN, CNN, and many more.

Single TV provides channels such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon-like many of the other services online. Sling TV is specialized in live TV, the only exception.

4. Comprehensive Savings: Don’t trap yourself in a heavy bill for your entertainment purpose; connect with Sling TV and cut off the burden.

Is Sling TV a Supreme Entertainment Source?

The influence of Sling TV Hindi is so critical that it takes pride in the best programs over other streaming channels. It’s all about turning to this TV to get outstanding channels at lower market prices. The idea is to avoid large monthly cable charges. Besides, viewers enjoy a large number of discounts when ordering a combination of packages. Sling TV has certainly impacted the audience through significant variations in packages and the inclusion of new features.

The best thing supporting Sling TV is that it has unsurpassable price packs of some of the most exclusive in the kitty. You have to pick the channels you want to access, and the package fees can be calculated on this basis. While it has relatively lower channels to sell, viewers must pay for what they see and nothing else. You manage to save a lot in this way.

It should be remembered that no packet can have the same channels. E.g., if the Sling Hindi package includes a collection of channels, it won’t be part of Sling Telugu, and it may not be of interest to the Hindi serial viewer to watch Telugu. The channel packages can be taken out of the Sling TV, depending on the customer’s requirements.

The subscribers can also choose the kinds of channels watched in their families, varying from regular shows and cartoon shows, to sports channels, news channels, and many more. It is, therefore, often easier to choose from the packages available.

What are the package Details for Sling TV?

In five packages, there is a range of Sling TV channels. Hindi channel add-ons are available and will be addressed in a bit with some packages. Let’s begin at this point with an overview of the packages and the Hindi Sling TV channels.

Sr.No.Package NameTariff Amount (Per month basis)Channels offered in the Package
1Hindi25$Set Asia, Aapka Colors, Zee TV HD, &TV, Star India Plus, Willow Cricket, Willow Extra, SAB TV, Sony Mix, Rishtey
2Hindi Elite30$Set Asia, Aapka Colors, Zee TV HD, &TV, Star India Plus, Willow Cricket, Willow Extra, SAB TV, Rishtey, Life OK, Rishtey Cineplex  
3Hindi Mega45$Set Asia, Aapka Colors, Zee TV HD, &TV, Star India Plus, Willow Cricket, Willow Extra, TV Asia, Rishtey, Life OK, Sahara One, SAB TV, AajTak, Times Now, Sahara Samay, Zee News, SET Max, B4U Movies, Rishtey Cineplex
4Hindi Sony15$SET Asia, SAB TV, SET MAX, SET MIX  
5Hindi Punjabi25$SET Asia, Aapka Colors, Willow Cricket, Willow Extra, SAB TV, AajTak, Times Now, 9X Tashan, B4U Movies, Rishtey Cineplex, Movies OK, B4U Music, SET MIX, MTV India, Food Food, Halla Bol! PTC Punjabi, Jus Punjabi, Om Shanti

Does Sling TV offer Add-ons?

You can add many products to your Sling TV Hindi product, including the standard Sling TV package. The add-ons for the Sling TV Hindi channel can be added to each of the above packages. So, let’s see what your kit can add!

Sr.No.Add-On Package NameTariff Amount (Per month basis)Channels offered in the Package
2Bollywood Movie Extra15$SET MAX, B4U Movies, Rishtey Cineplex, Movies OK, Zee Cinema, Zee Cinema HD, Zee Classic, ZETC Bollywood
3Starz9$Starz, Starz West, Starz Edge, Starz Comedy, Starz Kids & Family, Starz Encore
5Showtime10$Showtime, Showtime West, Showtime 2, Showtime Showcase, Showtime Extreme, Showtime Beyond, Showtime Next, Showtime Women
6Hindi News Extra5$AajTak, Sahara Samay
7English News Extra5$Times Now, News 18
8TV9 Gujarati5$TV9
9Hindi Spiritual Extra10$Aastha, Sanskar, Aastha Bhajan, JUS One  

Why Prefer Sling TV over a typical cable service provider?

  1. It’s nearly anywhere in the United States.
  2. Sling tv plans begin at $20, with 30 major channels, and are relatively inexpensive compared to other cable services.
  3. It offers Cloud DVR storage for 10 hours.
  4. Sling TV can be streamed on your Internet, and 25 Mbps are recommended for excellent performance.
  5. You can watch your favorite show with the Sling TV application instead of a cable box or a satellite on your smartphone, laptop, or smart device.
  6. You can cancel your subscription anytime and without any penalties to pay.
  7. The Sling Blue kit allows three users to view a single account at a time.

Don’t you think that’s enough to swing in the favor of Sling TV?

Other Sling Extra Packages

It includes

  • Sling Cricket
  • Sling Tamil
  • Sling Telugu
  • Sling Bengali
  • Sling Urdu
  • Sling Panjabi
  • Sling Marathi
  • Sling Kannada

Tip – Because of its variety of content, Sling TV Hindi was highly demanded. All are given at nominal rates, from news to movies and cartoons. Users must pay monthly bills for the channels that are to be used according to requirements. You can use it on three devices.

Have a 7-day trial for free by following this procedure

If you are new to this country and looking option to watch Hindi or other Desi channels but not sure if paying monthly fees is worth, it or whether it will work on your TV, I will suggest you try a 7-Days free trial first.

Follow this procedure

  1. Visit the official Sling TV website and make an account over there. Provide certain valid details and create a password to complete the process. It’s completely free.
  2. Select the appropriate plan as per your requirements.

Sling TV offers the following three plans:

  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Blue and Orange (Combined)

The cost of these schemes varies according to the number of channels for each scheme. Click on the “All channels display” button to see a list of all channels in each scheme.

Blue offers 45 channels for a monthly price of $ 25, while the orange + blue combo offers 50 channels for a monthly cost of $40.

  • Add up more channels of your like

You can add a few more channels and DVRs in the package as needed once you pick a schedule. Tap on the channel or DVR to add to that. Once you add the appropriate channels and DVRs, click Next.

  • Payment Details

Finally, it’s time to enter your details regarding credit or debit. Enter the details below:

  • Your Card Number
  • CVV
  • Expiry Date
  • Your Name
  • Billing Address

Click Finish & Apply when this information is added. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. You will not be billed until your seven-day free trial expires.

  • And DONE! You have subscribed to a free 7-day trial. You can upgrade the plan for three months if you are satisfied or cancel it at any time.


Finally, Sling TV is a worthwhile choice if you want to cut your cords and still watch all the shows and movies you love. You will test your services free of charge for one week.

If you still have issues, please tell us in the comment box.

Register on your platform and enjoy a free 7-day trial. You can buy any of their plans, ranging from $25 a month, once you like their services.

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