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Do you want to have the best sports streaming app 2023? Get the budget-friendly streaming ESPN+ service, which costs you a lower price compared to other streaming stations. But why ESPN+ is so cheap?

ESPN+ is an incredible live-streaming app which is well-known all over the US and aims to make the live sports programming streamable to everyone by offering a subscription for only $9.99 a month. 

This is the melting point for the audience to get live sports, movies, shows, and documentaries at cheap rates. If you are an ultra sports fan, you have to read the article to not miss the best deal to watch live sports on ESPN+.

ESPN+ Subscription Cost

What is ESPN+ Live Streaming App?

ESPN+ opens the doors to sports content, giving the viewers’ screens a booming network of exclusive live sports, on-demand videos, and all the new updates about sports going on. Not only this, you have a lineup of well-warmed series, documentaries, original studio TV shows, films, and more premium content to stream with ESPN+.

ESPN+ is an over-the-top American streaming app that has been serving the United States since 2018. It came on the market because of the contribution of the Walt Disney Company in partnership with ESPN Inc. 

It Is included in one of the three Disney flagship streaming brands subscriptions (Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+), and these are operated by the Disney streaming technology. The current status of ESPN+ is active and has a meshwork of 23 million subscribers.

How much does ESPN+ cost you?

ESPN+ straight offers you two packages which are simple to subscribe to. Let’s discuss them so you will know about them:

ESPN+ Monthly Pack: ESPN+ offers you a monthly deal for $10 a month and you can get access to all 30 to 30 libraries of ESPN+. 

ESPN+ Yearly Pack: ESPN+ makes streaming more affordable for you by giving you a $20 discounted deal in its yearly pack that charges you $99.99 only. 

ESPN+ PlanSubscription CostLink for Subscription
Monthly Plan$9.99Subscribe Now
Annual Plan$99.99Subscribe Now

ESPN+ With Other Streaming Services:

Bundling ESPN+ with other streaming services gives you more engaging and enchanting content and makes ESPN+ cheaper for you.

Disney Bundle Trio Pack: In the Disney Bundle pack, you get access to Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. In other words, with one subscription, you can purchase a complete set up of entertainment for yourself.

It costs you $12.99 / mo for the basic plan (included add) and $19.99/ mo for the premium plan (add free). You get a 50% discount on a Disney Bundle, click here for details

ESPN+ With Hulu: You can also add ESPN+ with your Hulu subscription for $9.99 a month and get access to it within a Hulu app.

Why ESPN+ is so cheap?

ESPN+ raised its subscription rates from $5.99 to $9.99, which is too high for the viewers, but still, when we search for the cheapest streaming services, ESPN+’s name pops up on them all. Also, people are upset due to its high cost. But, according to a source, ESPN+ is the cheapest service you can subscribe to watch live sports programming in the United States with the best HD streaming.

If you do not get satisfied with ESPN+ you can also stream sports on Fubo TV.

ESPN+ is a cheaper sports streaming service with a reason to make streaming affordable for all, so everyone can lighten their televisions with the ESPN+ network.

ESPN+ Sports Programming:

ESPN+ includes a lot of live and on-demand content in its library. The viewer can get all the latest updates with ESPN+. You have live coverage, replays, highlights, articles, and updates of soccer for Olympic sports events, and also includes sports which do not get much publicity.

If you are a fan of Cricket, want to stream the Asia Cup live on ESPN+, or want to locate the best ways to watch World Cup 2023, ESPN is the home to watch all these events. 

ESPN+ sports programming includes:

  • Soccer
  • NHL
  • MLB
  • NBA G League
  • Horse Racing  
  • MMA
  • Rugby 
  • Cricket 
  • Golf 
  • CFL 
  • Little League World Series 
  • Special Olympics 
  • Boxing 
  • XFL 
  • WWE 
  • NCAA 
  • F1 
  • WNBA 
  • Chalk

The list is too long to elucidate. In addition to this, ESPN+ also has some NBA and NFL games, but streaming the entire NFL and NBA events on ESPN is not a better choice for them. And you can also buy a UFC Pay-Per-View event as an ESPN+ subscriber.

How can you watch ESPN+?

ESPN+ is almost compatible with any device available. You just have to download the ESPN+ app on your device, and then you can get access to the HD content on three simultaneous streaming devices.

The compatible devices with ESPN+ include:

  • Roku devices.
  • Chromecast. 
  • Android smartphones, smart TVs, and tablets.  
  • Xbox. 
  • iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV. 
  • Playstation.
  • Samsung smart TVs.
  • Amazon Fire TV. 
ESPN+ Streaming Devices

Is it worth buying ESPN+?

As a sports fan, ESPN+ is the best live-streaming app for 2023, which is definitely worth it for those who want tons of sports content with a small mix of films, top shows, and on-demand series and documentaries. 

But if you are the one who needs full access to NFL and NBA games, it may not work the same for you.

It includes thousands of live events of more than 20 sports, documentaries, and series like Tom Brady, Man in the Arena, and more movies. And you stay updated through the latest articles and clips. If you want these on your network, then ESPN+ is worth buying.

Recap: Why ESPN+ is so cheap?

ESPN+ is the top on-demand live sports streaming station and an exclusive video streaming service that offers a lot of programming and content.

It designs an interface for the streamers so they can easily choose from suggestions like Live games, Films Spotlight, Upcoming, Schedule, replay, and more without being a lot of effort. You also have various compatible devices to stream the ESPN+ service and you can replay the matches which you missed or have the highlights of the games. All these for just $9.99 a month and they become more affordable with the Disney Bundle. 

So, by getting all these points into consideration, ESPN+ may consider the cheapest app which has main premium features at a low price. 

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