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Get live TV networks at a cheap price with Sling, offering you a lineup of on-demand channels and serving as the best cable TV alternative in 2023.

Is Sling a cheaper service in real? Yes, Sling’s pricing is cheaper, which fascinates the cord cutters to give it first place over others. Sling offers the two base plans which split the networks to make them less expensive and cheaper for the audience. And you can select the package according to your viewing choice.

To get into detail, “Why Sling is so cheap?” continue reading the content and let you know everything before joining Sling TV.

Sling Live TV Shows

Sling TV Info:

Sling TV has been enlisted as the first top American streaming app-based service started in 2015, owned by the Dish Network, and till then, Sling served a network of 2.1 million users in the United States.

Now you can stream sports, Cricket Asia Cup 2023, Cricket World Cup 2023, news, popular TV shows, and the latest movies over the internet seamlessly with Sling TV. You have 120k+ movies at a click to stream.

The best part Is that you can customize your experience with Sling add-on packages like sports extra, kids extra, lifestyle, or more, and having Premium ad-ons like Starz and Showtime, you can blend them with your pack and can stream your favorite networks.

Moreover, Sling gives you Cloud DVR storage, multi-streaming rights, and Sling Free version to stream. If you are still interested in subscribing, it is necessary to learn the facts below.

Sling TV Subscription Cost

How much Sling costs for you?

Sling offers its users two base plans at affordable rates. You can select the pack which fulfills your demands completely.

There are no hidden fees or no longer contracts. You can easily swipe at another pack according to your mood.

Sling Orange Plan:

  1. Sling Orange Plan is for $40/ month, but with Sling’s offer, you charge $15 for the first month.
  2. It comes with 50 hours Cloud DVR and 1 device streaming.
  3. If you want more sports networks, Sling Orange is go for you.

Sling Blue Plan:

  1. Sling Blue Plan is for $40/ month, but with Sling’s offer you charge $15 for the first month.
  2. It comes with 50 hours of cloud DVR and 3 device streaming.
  3. If you want entertainment and news networks, Sling Blue is go for you.

Sling Orange & Blue Combo:

  1. You can also get a combo deal, Sling Orange & Sling Blue, for $55 a month. But, with Sling’s offer, you get it for $30 for the first month.
  2. It comes with a cloud DVR and 3 device streaming.
  3. This pack includes all the channels, so everyone can purchase it.

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Sling Freestream:

Besides paid packs, Sling recently launched Sling Freestream to make the service streamable to all. It costs $0.00 and offers live channels, movies, news, sports or more with an ad-supported service. This is the best way for cheapskates to get streaming at no cost. Hence, Sling proved worth saving.

Sling Freestream

Customize your Sling Plan

Sling offers cord-cutters to customize the Sling Plan with different Premium and Extra add-ons, like kids extra, sports extra, entertainment extra, news extra, Showtime, AMC+, Discovery+, Starz, and more.

Moreover, it also has different languages plans, like Binge Plus, South Indian pack, Urdu pack and others, meaning Sling has something for all.

Is Sling cheap streaming service?

Yes, Sling offers its two base plans at cheap rates according to the viewers’ choice. Both the packs give you a distinctive streaming experience. You can switch to another pack easily as it comes without any agreement.

But why is Sling so cheap? This question must tangle you. Sling smartly divides the networks into two packs. As Sling Orange contains a lot more sports channels and Sling Blue has more entertaining content to avoid sports networks, by categorizing them reduces its pricing ratio. Other than that, streaming services like YouTube TV and Fubo TV give you more expensive packages.

To add more spice, Sling makes it cheaper by offering Sling Freestream, but for premium content or customized packs, you charge for it.

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Sling Channel Lineup:

Sling TV has two packages for their viewers and has a massive network to stream. As it consists of two plans, it is complicated to describe but we tried our best to simplify it for you:

Sling Orange: Sling Orange has 30+ channels to stream, which includes ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, Freeform, Disney Network, and MotoTrend channels, which lacks in the Sling Blue deal. This pack is more recommended for sports fans.

Sling Blue: Sling Blue has 40+ channels to stream, which includes ABC, NBC, Fox, Bravo, FS1, and a few more networks that lack in the Sling Orange deal. It has more networks and entertainment content.

Still, have a doubt? Sling provides a Service Optimizer Tool which helps you to select the best-customized plan by your wishing channels list you enter on the Sling page.

Sling Channels

Is Sling TV worth it?

The sling comes with a two-package plan which offers a wide variety of networks at a budget-friendly price starting from $40. Sling also provides you with many deals and has the option to give customized packs with various add-ons and premiums.

Sling TV is highly rated for providing the best live TV streaming services for 2023 and, surprisingly, the service is also included as the best sports streaming service in 2023. So, it’s definitely worth it to buy a Sling subscription.

Recap: Why Sling is so cheap?

Sling TV is an on-demand app that is considered a cheaper streaming service that provides content with respect to all its audience. To conclude the topic, these are the reasons which make Sling a cheaper app:

  • Sling provides two base plans which have slightly distinct programming that gives streamers a better viewing experience and, due to this division, the package rates are reduced.
  • Sling provides Cloud DVR storage, multi-streaming rights, and access to HD streaming at a pocket-friendly rate.
  • If you still do not get the cheapest packs, Sling also solves this misery for you by providing a Sling Freestream option.
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