How to Watch South Asian Channels in USA on Sling (And Save 50%)

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Are you also missing streaming of South Asian channels?

Sling TV streaming service provides you with watching South Asian Channels programming without any barriers. It is one of the leading streaming services in the USA, giving you the right to stream all your fave content. Sling TV gradually increases their content library for users to give them different packages to stream their desirable channels on it.

Now you can watch a lot of your programming in the USA with Sling TV, including South Asian TV channels.

This article elucidates the best platform for you to stream South Asian Channels and all the things included in the topic How to Watch South Asian TV Channels in USA on Sling.

Watch South Asian Channels in USA

Sling TV For South Asian TV Channels:

Sling TV is one of the leading streaming services in the United States of America. It provides people with a vast content library and becomes successful in completing the family of 2.19 million members. 

It offers tons of entertaining programs on an affordable price plan with the best of its service having amazing features. It gives you a Cloud DVR to store your fave programs and also gives you multi-video streaming at the same time with HD quality programming. It also gives a 50% off deal for the first month but does not offer its new users a free trial.

It allows you to watch movies, shows, sports, and news on it, providing you with different languages programming. It also includes South Asian TV channels to stream. You can watch the best of the blockbuster movies, TV shows, serials, sports, comedy dramas, and other reality shows on it. You do not need to go to the other cable networks to watch the South Asian Channels. Sling TV provides you with a deal to watch South Asian TV channels in the USA. Also Read

Sling TV For South Asian TV Channels

Sling TV Subscription Plans:

Sling TV provides you with incredible subscription plans at a cost-effective price. You can watch your fave programming with any of the packages which are suitable to your requirements. Now you can stream South Asian TV channels via the mentioned package.

Sling TV South Plus Pack:

Sling TV South Plus Pack is for $10 a month and has a vast library of Asian channels to stream. You can stream up to 1000 of the latest and most well-known movies and shows on it. Sling TV offers content in three different languages. You can watch it in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam languages. It also has tons of live unlimited cricket, including Willow Xtra and Willow HD networks and Simply South channels. To subscribe and for further information, visit the page

Sling TV South Plus Pack

Sling TV Desi Binge Plus Pack:

The Sling TV Desi Binge Plus Pack is for $15 a month and gives you the first month 50% off offer for a limited time. You can stream it for $10 for the first month. This pack also has South Asian channels to stream, like VOOT, MX ONE, Willow Xtra, Willow HD, and EROS. SonyLIV gives you a lot of South Asian content and lives sports games on Willow. You can directly go to the page.

Sling TV Urdu Plus Pack:

Sling TV Urdu Plus Pack is $10 a month and offers you the best Pakistani dramas and other South Asian entertainment programs. It offers channels like ARY Digital, ARY News, GEO News, GEO TV, Hum TV HD, Hum News, Hum Sitaray, Willow HD, Willow Xtra, PTV, and other networks. It also gives 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage with the screen sharing of three devices at a time and has streaming of unlimited live cricket. You can go to the page for more information.

Watch Sling TV Urdu Plus

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Signing Up:

You can sign up for Sling TV via any one of the supported devices:

Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android Phone, Google Chromecast, and Fire Stick.

  1. All in all, install the Sling TV App or open the page.
  2. After opening it, you have to go through an account-making process.
  3. Now, by completing it, you enter into the zone where you have to choose the best South Asian TV pack to stream.
  4. Then, you have to enter your required credentials.
  5. The process is ending now, and you are eligible to stream all the South Asian TV Channels of the selected Package.


Sling TV is a vast online streaming station that provides tons of content for all kinds of audiences. It offers you South Asian TV channels in many of its packages at a low budget price.

Sling TV is over-the-top TV streaming, having a lot of content. Now you can watch your South Asian programming easily on it.

Let one’s here down and enjoy the streaming of South Asian TV Channels in the USA with Sling TV.

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