How to watch Arabic TV on Sling in USA (80% off on every Plan)

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Love to Watch Arabic Shows? If so, you’re in luck! Sling TV offers a great selection of Arabic channels that you can watch from the comfort of your own home.

SlingTV Arabic offers more than 120 exclusive Arabic channels for just $5/month. This is a fantastic deal for those who want to watch Arabic content without paying for a cable or satellite TV subscription.

So, How to watch Arabic TV on Sling in USA? 

watch Arabic TV on Sling

This article will guide you to watch your favorite Arabic TV on SlingTV in USA and get the latest discount on the most affordable streaming package. So, Let’s get Started!

Best Ways to Watch Arabic Channels In USA

The Best Way to Watch Arabic Channels in USA is SlingTV. Along with content from 34 countries in 21 languages, Sling TV offers over 200+ channels without annual contracts or hidden fees.

Sling TV is the top international TV service in the US, and it’s easy to see why. With international packages, subscribers can watch content from their home country, in their native language, with just a click. 

Sling TV is a one-stop shop for international and multicultural programming. So no more waiting for dubbed versions of your favorite shows and worrying about language barriers. Plus, with Sling TV’s excellent selection of channels, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Watch LiveShahid VIP on Sling

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SlingTV Arabic

If you are interested in the Arab world, Sling TV offers 100+ Arabic TV channels from 11 Middle Eastern countries. You will find drama, movies, news, sports, music, children’s programming, and lifestyle content. 

Popular channels like Nile TV (Egypt), Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC), Saudi Arabia’s OneTV, and many more are also offered on Sling TV.

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SlingTV Arabic Pricing And Plans

PlanPriceSubscription Link
Al Ostoura (MOST POPULAR!)$5/moSubscribe Now
Shahid VIP (ON DEMAND)$5/moSubscribe Now
Live Arabic Channels & Soccer$5/moSubscribe Now
MySatGo & Istikana$5/moSubscribe Now
Watch Live Arabic Channels & Soccer on Sling

Sling TV Arabic’s Al Ostoura package is the perfect way to experience all the best Arabic TV has to offer. With over 130+ live channelsunlimited access to Shahid VIP, and select video-on-demand options through LBCI and ART Aflam, this package has something for everyone.


  • 135+ live Arabic channels such as MBC, Murr TV & more
  • Includes free American channels & movies
  • Live soccer on beIN SPORTS & ON Sport
  • Exclusive Lebanese, Egyptian, Syrian & Turkish content not available anywhere else.

Shahid VIP (ON DEMAND): $5 Per Month

With the Shahid VIP pack, you get unlimited access to Shahid VIP’s entire on-demand library, packed with all their top originals and premieres. Plus, you also get access to some of our favorite live channels, like MBC1, MBC Masr, Al Arabiya, MBC Drama, MBC Iraq, and MBC 5, plus three music channels. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade to Shahid VIP now!

The features you’ll love in this SlingTV package are ad-free content and simultaneous viewing.


  • Faster channel loading and improved video quality
  • Capture up to 8 days of replay with the included 5-day storage option
  • 50 hours of DVR space means you never have to worry about running out
  • Get even more from your favorite channels with extra streams and watch parties

Live Arabic Channels & Soccer: $5 Per Month [Included With Al Ostoura]

Watch 135+ live Arabic channels for free, including MBC, Murr TV, and more. Plus, enjoy free American channels and movies. Catch all the live soccer action on beIN SPORTS and ON Sport. 

And for the first time ever, enjoy exclusive Lebanese, Egyptian, Syrian, and Turkish content not available anywhere else.

MySatGo & Istikana: $25 Per Month [Included With Al Ostoura]

Watch free American channels, movies, and live soccer matches on beIN SPORTS and ON Sport. 135+ live Arabic channels from all over the Middle East, including MBC, Murr TV, and more. 

Enjoy exclusive Lebanese, Egyptian, Syrian, and Turkish content that you can’t find anywhere else.

Watch Live MySatGo & Istikana on Sling

How to watch Arabic TV on Sling in USA?

[Subscribe Now]

  1. Check out the website for Sling TV, or click “Subscribe Now!” to register.
  2. Click the orange “Watch Now” button to start watching.
  3. Type in your email address and a hard-to-guess password.
  4. Pick the package you like the most.
  5. If you scroll down, you can see a list of “Extras,” which are different add-ons.
  6. Add any “Premiums” you want to your purchase.
  7. Please enter the information about how to pay. You can use a credit card or PayPal to sign up.
  8. You can start watching Sling TV as soon as you click “Finish and Submit.

SlingTV Arabic Free Trail

As we all know, Sling TV gets more expensive, raises the cheapest subscription price, but our readers can take advantage of SlingTV’s free trial.

If you are thinking about subscribing to any of the plans, then you are in luck! With our special Sling offer, you can enjoy your first Month of streaming service just for $5.

Arabic TV Free trial

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SlingTV Arabic channels

Sling TV Arabic offers a Mosaic package and an Annual Mosaic package – each has benefits! The Arabic Mosaic monthly subscription provides great theme-based channels, while the Arabic Mosaic Annual subscription packs in even more of your favorite channels!

Sling TV offers the following Arabic channels in both packages:

  • MBC
  • Shahid
  • Murr TV
  • New TV
  • Al Jazeera
  • Al Arabiya
  • MBC3
  • LDC America
  • LBC
  • Dream 2
  • Al Yawm
  • Al Nahar
  • MBC Masr
  • ART America
  • OTV
  • Art Hekayat 1
  • Al Nahar Drama
  • Al Hayah 1
  • NBN
  • TEN Egypt
  • Rotana America
  • ESC-1
  • Zee Aflam
  • Zee Alwan
  • Future Television
  • ON Live
  • ON E
  • BBC Arabic
  • France 24
  • Al Jazeera Mubasher
  • MBC Drama
  • ART Movies
  • Melody Classic
  • Melody Drama
  • ART Cima
  • Melody Aflam
  • ART Aflam 1
  • ART Aflam 2
  • ART Hekayat 2
  • ART Cinema
  • Nile Drama
  • Rotana Aflam
  • Rotana Cinema
  • Rotana Clip
  • Rotana Khalija
  • Rotana Music
  • Al Ahly TV
  • Al Diyar
  • Al Flastiniah
  • Al Hayah Series
  • Al Maghrabiya
  • Al Resalah
  • Al Taghier
  • Al Majd Holy Quran
  • Hona Baghdad
  • Jordan TV
  • Alaraby TV 2
  • Nour Al Shabab
  • Nour Mariam
  • Nour Sharq
  • Palestine Live
  • PSC Palestine
  • Roya TV
  • Saudi Quran
  • Saudi Sunna
  • Tunis Alwataniya 2
  • Al Madeeh
  • Sky News Arabia
  • Al Hayah 2
  • Tele Liban
  • Yemen TV
  • Nour Kids
  • Al Assema 1
  • Al Assema 2
  • Al Iraqiya
  • Al Fath TV
  • Al Nas TV
  • Charity TV
  • ME Music
  • Aghani Agahani
  • MTA 3 Al Arabiyah
  • Al Fallujah TV
  • beIN Sports
  • beIN Sports en Espanol
  • Outside Television
  • Willow Cricket
  • Willow Extra
  • TRACE Sport Stars
  • Nautical Channel
  • FightBox HD
  • Fast&FunBox HD
  • Motors TV North Am
  • NDTV 24×7
  • News18
  • Bloomberg Television
  • Euronews
  • France 24
  • RIT TV
  • RT Network
  • DocuBox HD
  • Eurochannel
  • Trace Urban
  • ZoOm
  • Z Living HD
  • TV
  • 360TuneBox
  • FashionBox HD
  • Nature Vision HD
  • Blue Ocean
  • BabyTV
  • Ducktv

Add-On Channels are Available in Sling TV Arabic

You can upgrade your Sling TV Arabic package to include the following add-on packages:

Single Channel Add-ons

  • IQRAA – $5/month
  • AGHAPY TV – $5/month
  • Noursat TV – $5/month
  • HBO – $15/month
  • Cinemax – $10/month

Multiple Channel Add-ons

  • Arabic Music Extra (3 Music Channels) – $10/month
  • Bollywood Movie Extra (8 Channels including Zee Cinema) – $15/month
  • Starz (6 Starz Channels) – $9/month
  • Showtime (8 Showtime Channels) – $10/month


Overall, If you are an Arabic shows fan, then SlingTV is the best way to watch your favorite Arabic TV in USA, and you can also enjoy live programs like the T20 World Cup, entertainment channels, and so much more.


Sling TV is available on Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS, and Android. It also works on Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Fire Stick, and Xbox One.

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