Rohit sharma Vs Virat kohli: Batting comparison

In every era, the best batsmen are found to be in the Indian cricket team.

Every Indian batsman has its own class. In the present era, Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are the best players of team India.

People and their fans always compare these two players and eager to know Rohit Sharma Vs Virat Kohli, who is better in terms of the number of runs, centuries, and other stats.

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Virat Kohli is a top-order batsman who bats at number three, whereas Rohit Sharma is an opening batsman. Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli have won a lot of matches for India.

Both are the most talented players in international cricket. Everyone wants to know who is a better batsman.

In this article, we will compare Rohit Sharma vs Virat Kohli in all three formats of international cricket, which will be helpful for people to know who is a better batsman.

Rohit Sharma Vs Virat Kohli
Rohit sharma Vs Virat kohli

Rohit Sharma vs Virat Kohli In T20 Matches     

ParameterRohit SharmaVirat Kohli
T20 Debut19,  Sept 200712,June 2008
T20 Matches10477
Double Centuries00
Half Centuries2228
Best Score11894
ICC Ranking1110
  •  So from the above stats, we have seen that Rohit Sharma has scored 2633 runs in 104 innings, whereas Virat has scored 2689 runs in 77 innings. Rohit has more runs than Virat, but he has played 27 more innings than Virat.
  • Rohit’s average is 32.11, and Virat Kohli’s average is 52.73. Rohit Sharma average is lower than Virat Kohli average.
  • Rohit Sharma has four centuries in T20, which is the most by any batsman in this format, while Virat Kohli is still waiting for his first century. As Sharma is the opening batsman, opening batting gives more chances to make high score and play long in comparison to Virat, who bats at no.3.
  • Virat Kohli is one of the biggest match-winner as compared to Rohit Sharma, and the average of Virat is also high than Sharma in T20. We can see that Kohli has consistency in his performance in T20. The consistency in performance is a key factor in deciding the greatness of a player. So, Virat Kohli is better than Rohit Sharma in the shortest version of the game. 

Rohit Sharma vs Virat Kohli In ODI Matches 

ParameterRohit SharmaVirat Kohli
ODI Debut23, June 200718,Aug 2008
ODI Matches224245
Double Centuries30
Half Centuries4357
Best Score264183
ICC Ranking21
  • Now we have seen that ODI stats for both batsmen in which Sharma has played 224 matches, and Virat Kohli has played 245 matches. Rohit Sharma has scored 9115 runs, whereas Virat Kohli has scored 11792 runs.
  • The average of Virat is 59.86, and Sharma’s average is49.27
  • So Virat ODI stats, i.e batting average, runs, centuries, the fifties, and strike rate are high than Sharma. It shows how consistent Virat is in scoring runs in ODI format.
  • There is no doubt that Kohli and Sharma are the best ODI players. But according to the stats, we can say that Virat Kohli is a better ODI batsman then Rohit Sharma, and Virat also has more match finishing capacity then Sharma. 

Rohit Sharma vs Virat Kohli In Test Matches

ParameterRohit SharmaVirat Kohli
Test Match Debut06,  Nov 201320,June 2008
Test Matches4396
Double Centuries17
Half Centuries1427
Best Score212254
ICC Ranking56

From above stats of both players, we can say that we should not compare Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma in test format because Sharma has not played much test cricket in his career, and Virat has played so much test cricket.

If we compare on the base of average, then Kohli has a better record then Sharma.

Who has hitted more sixes between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli?

Cricket formatRohit Sharma SixVirat Kohli six

Rohit Sharma World Records in Cricket

  • The highest score in ODI of Sharma is 264, which is not made by any other player in the ODI format till now.
  • Sharma is the only batsmen in the 12th edition of the cricket world cup who has scored 5 centuries.
  • Sharma has a unique record of reaching century with a six in all formats.
  • Rohit became the first and only batsman in the world to score four T20 centuries

Virat Kohli World Records in Cricket

  • Virat Kohli is the only Indian player who has secured 890 rating points in the ICC ODI ranking.
  • Kohli holds the records of having the highest ICC rating points in the ICC player ranking for test batsmen.
  • In October 2018, Kohli became the fastest batsman to score 10000 ODI runs. He just took 205 innings to reach the record.
  • Virat Kohli also became the only captain to score the maximum runs in a year. He scored 1460 runs in 2017.

Cricket Players and Analyst Views about Virat Kohli

A former Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Yousif  speaking an interview to Sportstar said about Kohli: “The way he bats, the way he handles pressure in each innings and scores centuries or the way he plays that unbelievable.”

Mike Gatting, the former England captain, said on the sideline of book launch in Mumbai: 

“To see someone like Virat perform so regularly and so well in all three formats, he does deserve that tag of great without a doubt”

Cricket Players and Analyst Views about Rohit Sharma

Former Indian cricketer Zaheer Abbas said: “Virat Kohli ‘great’ but watching Rohit Sharma makes me happy”

Speaking on the Star Sports, the former Indian cricketer, Robin Uthappa said: “When I look at Rohit Sharma, I feel he has got eternity to play a ball. It just baffles you like where does he create that time. It’s amazing to watch and so effortless”.

Wasim Jaffer said: “Rohit Sharma has the best cricketing brain among current players.”          

Final words

Statistical comparison between Rohit and Sharma in all three formats has proven that Virat Kohli is a better player than Rohit Sharma.

There is no doubt that Kohli and Rohit are the best players of this era, and almost every batting record in the format is held by one or other.

Also, Kohli is better than Sharma, but this can not be denied that Rohit Sharma is one of the strongest competitors of Virat Kohli.

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