Rohit Sharma became the world’s Number-1 Captain, Did this feat

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Rohit Sharma became the world’s Number-1 captain: Rohit Sharma already holds the record for most wins on his home field. Rohit Sharma has so far captained 17 T20 matches at home, winning 16 of them. Virat Kohli has won 13 matches at home, compared to 10 for MS Dhoni. As a result, Rohit has now become the world’s No. 1 captain to accomplish this feat, as earlier this record was held by Kane Williamson from New Zealand (15 wins) and England’s Eoin Morgan (15 wins).

Number-1 Captain as Rohit

Since Rohit Sharma took over the captaincy of the T20 team, he has only won. Sharma has won consecutive T20 series against New Zealand and West Indies. They have established an unassailable lead with their 2-0 victory over Sri Lanka as well. Having won 11 consecutive T20 matches so far, he now has a chance to win the 12th match as captain.

Number-1 Captain Rohit Sharma Records

On Sunday, India and Sri Lanka will play their third Twenty20 match in Dharamsala. India has already taken an early 2-0 lead in the series. Rohit Sharma can set many records in this match, so all eyes will be on him. Rohit Sharma made a record of scoring the most runs in T20 cricket in the last match.

Rohis Sharma

Rohit Sharma is now the full-time captain of Team India, with a record of 1000 runs as a captain. But even before that, he led the team in the T20 format. This match will give Rohit Sharma the opportunity to complete 1000 runs as T20 captain. He will become the third Indian captain to achieve this feat.

Most runs in T20 cricket (as Indian captain)

  • Virat Kohli – 50 matches, 1570 runs
  • MS Dhoni – 72 matches, 1112 runs
  • Rohit Sharma – 27 matches, 983 runs

Most runs in T20 cricket (as captain)

  • Aaron Finch – 61 matches, 1802 runs
  • Kane Williamson – 56 matches, 1599 runs
  • Virat Kohli – 50 matches, 1570 runs
  • Eoin Morgan – 72 matches, 1469 runs
  • Babar Azam – 40 matches, 1330 runs
  • Faf du Plessis – 40 matches, 1273 runs
  • MS Dhoni – 72 matches, 1112 runs
  • Asghar Afghan – 52 matches, 1020 runs
  • W Potterfield – 56 matches, 1002 runs
  • Rohit Sharma – 27 matches, 983 runs

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Rohit Records most sixes in international cricket

Rohit Sharma is ranked number-3 in the list of most sixes in international cricket, including T20 and Test sixes. Only Chris Gayle and Shahid Afridi have scored more sixes than Rohit Sharma. There are only 13 sixes required for Rohit Sharma to catch Shahid Afridi. Rohit Sharma also equals the record of playing the most T20s.

Most sixes in international cricket

  • Chris Gayle – 553 sixes
  • Shahid Afridi – 476 sixes
  • Rohit Sharma – 463 sixes

Most international T20 matches

  • Shoaib Malik – 124 matches
  • Rohit Sharma – 124 matches
  • Mohammad Hafeez – 119 matches

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