Best Apps to Watch XFL Live in USA (And Save 50%)

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It may be the end of the NFL season, but live football is still on.

Due to its exciting games and intense competition, the XFL is one of the most awaited football tournaments in the world! A growing number of XFL fans are looking for ways to watch the game as its popularity grows.

This year, All football fans can Watch XFL Live In USA on ESPN+ with access to a wide range of streaming benefits, and an ultra viewing experience without any disturbing ads.

We offer everything you need to enjoy all your favorite XFL games from the comfort of your home, along with a variety of other popular leagues from around the world!

XFL Live Online

XFL Schedule

This Saturday from 18th of February marks the start of the latest incarnation of the XFL, an NFL alternative that aims to make professional football even more entertaining. This will conclude on May 13. And You can Watch XFL live In USA on ESPN+.

The XFL in 2023 is comprised of eight teams and more than 400 players, some of whom have suited up in NFL games.

How to Watch XFL Live In USA?

XFL games will be broadcast on ABC, ESPN or ESPN 2, and ESPN+.

Streaming RightsSubscription PriceSubscription Link
Disney Bundle$12.99/MoSubscribe Now
ESPN+$9.99/MoSubscribe Now

When it comes to watching XFL in the USA, ESPN+ is the perfect solution. It provides access to exclusive streams of XFL games, as well as the ability to watch replays of the games. With ESPN+, you can watch live or on-demand coverage of all XFL games, including the championship game.

You can also tune in to pre-game and post-game analysis, and watch exclusive XFL content. ESPN+ is the perfect way to watch XFL live from the comfort of your own home with its affordable monthly subscription.


ESPN+ is an American subscription-based sports streaming service offered by ESPN, and it provides access to live sports events, original programming, and other on-demand sporting events.

It also offers exclusive coverage of hundreds of live events, including Major League Baseball, NHL, MLS, and college sports. Additionally, ESPN+ subscribers have access to the full library of ESPN Films, including 30 for 30 documentaries and the critically acclaimed series.

ESPN+ is the best streaming service for XFL football fans because it offers exclusive coverage of all XFL games, including the playoffs and championship games.

Fans can watch live XFL games, highlights, replays, and more on the platform. ESPN+ also offers an array of on-demand content, including press conferences, documentaries, and analysis from XFL experts.

Plus, ESPN+ subscribers get access to exclusive XFL content, such as the “XFL Inside the Huddle” series. Lastly, ESPN+ allows fans to follow their favorite XFL teams and players with real-time news, scores, and updates.

XFL Live on ESPN+

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How Much Does ESPN+ Cost?

ESPN+ offers a wide range of live and on-demand sports content, including college sports, international soccer, boxing, tennis, golf, rugby, cricket, and more at the most affordable cost.

Here is complete details of The ESPN+ Subscription Cost:

  • ESPN+ is available for a monthly subscription fee of $9.99, or an annual subscription fee of $99.99.
  • Additionally, Disney Bundle offers a subscription-based streaming service where you can save 45%. There is a monthly subscription fee of $12.99

Subscribers to ESPN+ can also take advantage of early access to new TV shows and movies, ESPN Plus Deals, as well as discounts on the monthly and yearly plans. In addition, subscribers can watch live events that aren’t offered on any other streaming platforms.

About XFL

Alpha Entertainment, led by WWE supreme champion Vince McMahon, founded the XFL in 2020 as a professional American football league.

The XFL is a professional American football league that kicks off in 2020 and features eight teams across the country. The season consists of a 10-game regular season and two semifinal playoff games, culminating in the XFL Championship game.

The XFL has adopted innovative rules to make the game more exciting and fan-friendly, such as a two-point conversion after a touchdown and a 25-second play clock.

The league is also focused on creating a unique gameday experience and will feature a halftime show, fan zones, and other interactive elements.

Best Devices To Stream XFL Live In USA

Here are some of the most popular devices to catch your XFL action on a whole different level:

Roku: The Roku streaming device is one of the best streaming devices available in the USA. It has a wide selection of apps and channels for streaming the XFL live, including ESPN, Fox Sports, and ABC.

Apple TV: Apple TV is another great streaming device for watching the XFL live in the USA. It has a wide selection of apps and channels, including ESPN, Fox Sports, and ABC.

Fire TV: Amazon’s Fire TV is a great streaming device for watching the XFL live in the USA. It has a wide selection of apps and channels, including ESPN, Fox Sports, and ABC.

Chromecast: Google’s Chromecast streaming device is another great option for watching the XFL live in the USA. It has a wide selection of apps and channels, including ESPN, Fox Sports, and ABC.

Xbox One: The Xbox One is another great streaming device for watching the XFL live in the USA. It has a wide selection of apps and channels, including ESPN, Fox Sports, and ABC.


With this guide, you may now have a clear understanding of How to watch XFL live in USA, ESPN+ offers diverse content and a dedicated library that is sure to keep you entertained. Streaming services are updated here, so keep checking back!


When does the 2023 XFL season start?

The XFL season begins on Saturday, Feb. 18, and ends on Saturday, May 13. Each team will take part in 10 regular season games, according to the XFL website.

How to watch XFL games?

ABC, ESPN, or ESPN 2 will broadcast XFL games. According to CBS Sports, they will also stream on ESPN+.

How many teams are there in the XFL?

According to CBS Sports, the XFL features eight teams this year, four in the XFL North division and four in the XFL South division.
XFL North: D.C. Defenders, Seattle Sea Dragons, St. Louis Battlehawks, Vegas Vipers.
XFL South: Arlington Renegades, Houston Roughnecks, Orlando Guardians, San Antonio Brahmas.
Each team has 51 players on its roster, USA Today reported.

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