Streaming price for ESPN+ to increase by 43% (Save $30 offer till 23rd Aug)

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Streaming price for ESPN+ to increase by 43%

Disney’s ESPN+ streaming service has announced a price increase for new subscribers, as well as an increase for existing subscribers that choose to renew their subscriptions.

The monthly cost of ESPN+ had previously been US$6.99 — but starting on Aug 23rd, 2022, the monthly subscription will rise from US$6.99 to US$9.99 per month a 43% increase. An annual subscription will rise from US$69.99 to US$99.99 — an increase of $30 per year over the previous price.

Streaming service prices rarely rise more than 40% in a single increase. Disney’s last two ESPN+ price hikes have been for only US$1 per month, coming in August 2020 and August 2021 — so this is a significant increase for those who are still using the service at its original price point.

Streaming price for ESPN+

There will be no price increase for the “Disney Bundle,” which includes ESPN+, Disney+, and Hulu. Bundle subscribers pay $13.99 per month for Hulu with ads or $19.99 without ads.

Increasing ESPN+’s popularity

By 2024, Disney hopes to reach 230 million to 260 million Disney+ subscribers. Last quarter, Disney had 137.7 million global Disney+ subscribers and 22.3 million ESPN+ subscribers.

Disney does not eliminate how many of its 22 million ESPN+ subscribers pay through the bundle. However, narrowing the price difference between paying for ESPN+ and paying for all three Disney streaming services may encourage some solo ESPN+ subscribers to buy the bundle. By increasing the Disney+ number, Disney may be able to meet its 2024 goal.

Chief Executive Officer Bob Chapek’s top priority is arguably reaching that mark. Last month, Disney renewed Chapek’s contract through July 2025. In contrast to Disney+ subscriptions, investors have ignored mainly ESPN+ and Hulu’s quarterly results.

NHL. With Disney moving more exclusive live games to ESPN+, ESPN+ has become a more robust product over the past year. TV out-of-market package and PGA Tour Live are now included in ESPN+, which used to cost $9.99 a month or more alone.

It’s still important to note that ESPN+ isn’t a replica of cable network ESPN, which shows all “Monday Night Football” games and many National Basketball Association games. As millions of Americans cancel traditional pay TV, ESPN continues to bring in billions of dollars for Disney.

“Being in the sports space is still very valuable, but you’ve got to go where the consumer is going,” former Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger told CNBC in December. “The question that Bob [Chapek] will deal with and is dealing with is do you accelerate that or try to accelerate it, or do you hold back as long as you possibly can? I happen to believe the future of ESPN is bright if it can make that successful migration to the new platforms.”

After the increase, What Streaming price for ESPN+?

We wanted to make you aware that the price of a monthly ESPN+ subscription has changed to $9.99/month (from $6.99), and the price of the annual ESPN+ subscription has changed to $99.99 (from $69.99). This goes into effect on August 23, 2022.

There is no change to the standalone PPV, or to the Disney Bundle. 

ProductCurrent PricePrice (Will Effect on Aug 23)
ESPN+ Monthly Subscription$6.99/mo$9.99/mo
ESPN+ Annual Subscription$69.99/yr$99.99/yr
The Disney Bundle w/ Hulu Ad-Supported$13.99/mo$13.99/mo
The Disney Bundle w/ Hulu No-Ads$19.99/mo$19.99/mo
PPV Standalone$74.99 each$74.99 each
PPV Package (PPV & ESPN+ Annual)$99.98, then $69.99/year after the first year$124.98, then $99.99/year after the first year
PPV & The Disney Bundle$88.98, then $13.99/mo$88.98, then $13.99/mo

FAQ on Increasing ESPN+ Cost

What will the monthly cost of ESPN+ be after the rise?

The cost of an ESPN+ subscription will jump to $9.99 a month from $6.99, after the rise.

What will the Annual cost of ESPN+ be after the rise?

The cost of an ESPN+ subscription will jump to $99.99 an Annual from $69.99, after the rise.

What will the Annual cost of the PPV Package (PPV & ESPN+) be after the rise?

The Annual cost of a PPV Package will jump to $124.99 from $99.99 and after the first year $99.99 from $69.99.

What will the Monthly cost of the Disney Bundle be after the rise?

There is no change to the Disney Bundle on the monthly costs after the rise.

What will the cost of the standalone PPV be after the rise?

There is no change to the standalone PPV on the monthly costs after the rise.

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