Fantasy football: Create your own league with ESPN Plus (win $250,000)

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With ESPN+ Fantasy Football, you can challenge other fantasy football enthusiasts and pros. It’s exactly the same as our standard ESPN Fantasy Football game, with one major difference: you’ll be eligible to win our Weekly and Grand Prize Sweepstakes!

With ESPN+, you can take your fantasy teams and Tournament Challenge brackets to the next level. There is no charge to play any ESPN game. Create or join a fantasy football, basketball, baseball, or hockey league with friends to compete against them. Play our standard game or customize the rules to suit your needs.

About fantasy football game

A fantasy football game can be stressful, but rewarding at the same time. You are glued to the score from Thursday night to Tuesday morning to see if you beat your opponent. Getting that high-value player through trades and free agency pickups is one of the best things about fantasy football. This requires an app that can handle the massive amount of pickups each day.

Finding the app that looks the best and provides the most information in a timely manner can be so important for an avid fantasy football player. Do you have an app that doesn’t provide great notifications and you end up starting a player on Injured Reserve? It’s happened to all of us. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake again. As football season approaches, here are the five best free fantasy football apps.

  1. ESPN Fantasy: Best fantasy football app overall.
  2. NFL Fantasy Football: Best fantasy football app for news.
  3. Yahoo Fantasy Football: Best fantasy football app for easy interface.
  4. Sleeper: Best social fantasy football app.
  5. Flea Flicker: Best dynasty fantasy football app.

How do I log into ESPN Plus on the fantasy app?

Step-by-step Walkthrough:

  1. You can access ESPN Fantasy on your device by opening the app
  2. Click on the “Log In” button (below the blue “Sign Up” button).​
  3. You can retrieve your user information by selecting “Forgot Username” or “Forgot Password” on the login screen.
  4. Enter your account’s email address on the “Need help signing in?” page. A temporary passcode will be emailed to the address you provided.
  5. Tap the “Continue” button after entering the passcode on your device.
  6. By tapping “Finish Sign-in”, you can now access your account.

Fantasy Leagues

  • ESPN+ Fantasy Leagues will be available exclusively for ESPN+ subscribers starting late July, with Football already out.
  • Users looking to join an ESPN+ Fantasy League will pick a draft date and time that works best for them
  • Participants 18+ who sign up for ESPN+ Fantasy Leagues Football will be automatically entered into a sweepstake to win a grand prize ($250,000).
    • NOTE: Users who have not signed up for an ESPN+ Fantasy Leagues Football can also send a postcard to be entered in the sweepstakes.
  • ESPN+ Fantasy Leagues will exist for all sports (Football, Hockey, Basketball, MLB, WNBA), but the pricing will vary. All leagues will have standardized league sizes and settings.
  • Joining a League:
  • Users looking to join an ESPN+ Fantasy League will pick a draft date and time that works best for them.
  • Users can join a league within the ESPN Fantasy App or via web

ESPN Fantasy: Best fantasy football app overall

According to me, ESPN’s fantasy football app is the top fantasy football app in the world. Featuring a sleek and colorful interface, the app is easy to navigate and a great tool for beating your friends.

Stay informed about all things NFL with ESPN news and updates. You can receive notifications about injury updates, score updates, and whether a bench player is projected to outscore one of your starters. Having these notifications on Sundays can make a world of difference if you’re away from your phone during the week.

ESPN’s fantasy football app had over 1.8 billion minutes played by the fourth week of the 2021 NFL season. I wouldn’t be surprised if ESPN saw even more players this year as fantasy sports continue to grow in popularity


  • There are 4 to 20 teams in each league
  • Watch ESPN and ESPN+ within the app
  • Players’ trade availability can be adjusted

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
The app is easy to navigateNot the best platform for long-time fantasy players
Access to an abundance of ESPN articlesNot a lot of customization options
Projections based off IBM Watson technology
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