Tata IPL 2024: All Exclusive Details about the Format And New Rule

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The 15th season of IPL will begin on 26 March. Fans are increasingly excited about the 2022 season. Corona forced half of the IPL to be moved to the UAE last year. This year, the event is returning to India. The IPL 2022 will take place in Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra. Here are the highlights of the season.

The increase of the number of unsuccessful reviews to two and the introduction of a new player at the crease after a catch dismissal, regardless of whether the batter had crossed over or not, are among the updates in the playing conditions for the 2022 season of the Indian Premier League.

1. Increase in unsuccessful reviews

The Decision Review System (DRS) debuted in the 2018 season. Previously, teams could only perform one review in an inning, but this has been increased to two this season.

2.New batter can take strike after catch dismissals

The Marylebone Cricket Club officially changed the rules so that a new player would take after a catch dismissal strike regardless of whether the batsman had managed to switch ends before the catch was taken.

The IPL has decided to implement the new rule after it was trialed at The Hundred. International cricket will implement it in October, but it will be included in the IPL this season.

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3. Matches to be rescheduled later if franchises can’t field teams due to Covid-19

If a team side cannot field a full team, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) may try to reschedule the match for later in the season.

It is required that a team has 12 players available for selection on a matchday 11 on the field, out of which at least seven must be Indian, and one substitute. When rescheduling is not possible, the matter will be referred to the technical committee of the IPL, whose decision will be final and binding.

4. If Super Overs cannot decide the Final, league rankings will be used

When “conditions do not permit successive Super Overs, or a Super Over cannot be held within the allotted time”, the championship will be decided by the two teams’ final league ranking. If the Super Over cannot be played or if multiple Super Overs end in a tie, the team that finished higher in the league season will win the championship.

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Fine for breaking IPL bio-bubble

In the event that a player of the IPL team violates the bio-bubble for the first time, he will be quarantined for seven days. The match fee for the team of the violator will also be deducted if they have a match.

After breaking the bio-bubble for the second time, the player will have to be quarantined. This will also result in a one-match ban. The player will also be eliminated from the tournament if he breaks the bio-bubble for the third time.

A replacement player will not be available to the franchise. Any team that allows a player to enter the bio-bubble without informing the BCCI will be fined Rs 1 crore for the first time they violate the rule. They will lose one point the second time they violate the rule. Similarly, a third violation of the rule will result in two marks deducted.

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