How to Watch French Open Live in USA (And Save 70%)

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Tennis is also one of the most wanted audience games. They desire to stream every single match of it. Now, they are curious about How to watch French Open live tennis tournaments without cable in the USA. No Worries! This article is all about what you desire.

The French Open Is a tennis tournament ranked second of the four Grand Slams, also called Roland-Garros. The 2023 season is now going to happen at the end of May and continue for two weeks, the American tennis fans and fans across the world are waiting for these engrossing tournaments to stream.

To never miss any French Open tournament, stay connected with the article which fully acknowledges you about the French Open and How to Watch French Open Live in USA.

Watch French Open Live

What are the French Open Tournaments?

The French Open is a tennis tournament that was founded in 1891 and can be called Roland Garros. It is the Grand Slam championship held after the Australian Open, ranked at number second in a mega Grand Slam event.

It Is played annually at the end of May, giving you a lineup of back-to-back matches for two weeks, having Men’s singles, Women’s singles, Men’s and Women’s doubles, and Mixed doubles match. The French Open is the only tournament played on Clay Courts rather than on grass. It has become one of the world’s most wanted and physically demanded tennis games.

It Is now going to be started on 28 May 2023. All the men and women are practicing to succeed in this clay court French Open Championship, and the audience is excited to stream these battles, but for the ones who are not able to go to the destined place, Stade Roland Garro’s search for the streaming station to get live battles on their device.

French Open

1. SlingTV

Embark on an amazing tennis adventure with Sling TV as it brings the exciting French Open to your living room. You can watch all the thrilling matches, see the players’ skill and determination, and experience the atmosphere of Roland Garros.

With Sling TV, you have control over your tennis viewing experience. You can choose your favorite channels and access various matches, highlights, and expert analyses. It will keep you entertained throughout the entire tournament.

Whether it’s the exciting rallies or the tense tiebreakers, Sling TV ensures you don’t miss any moment of the French Open. You can be a part of every thrilling victory and heartbreaking defeat.

Streaming ServicesSubscription CostSubscription Link
SlingTV$11/moSubscribe Now
Watch French Open Live on Sling

Sling Subscription Cost

Sling TV is a popular streaming service in different packages, such as Sling Orange and Sling Blue. You can watch live French Open games on Sling Blue NBC only.

Here are Best SlingTV Plans:

  • Sling Orange: $20 Per Month.
  • Sling Blue: $20 Per Month.
  • Sling Orange & Blue: $25 Per Month.

To get the details on How to watch the French open for free click Here.

Watch French Open live on Fubo TV:

Fubo TV has the telecasting rights to provide live French tennis tournaments for its users. Fubo TV is the leading streaming network in the United States which is centered on providing the best quality live sports in the world.

Fubo TV provides you with not only sports but gives you more than that. You have movies, the latest shows, news, and many live and on-demand programs for streaming.

Fubo TV offers exclusive networks to their users that they demand, giving you the ESPN, ESPN2, and tennis networks to stream live French Open match on it. This means now you can fully cover your tennis tournaments wherever you are by using a Fubo TV subscription, having many plans made after analyzing the audience requirements. Now you don’t have to stress yourself if you do not get the chance to watch sessions. You now have the best streaming access to watch live every moment with replays and highlights.

Streaming ServicesSubscription CostSubscription Link
FuboTV$24/moSubscribe Now
Fubo TV Plan

Fubo TV Subscription Plans:

Fubo TV provides its users with different subscription packages to give them the entertainment they desire and also has add-on packs (like a Sports Pack) to give you a full dose of entertainment. Let’s have a look at these family-friendly designed subscription plans:

Fubo Latino Subscription:

  • Fubo Latino subscription costs you $33 per month.
  • It provides streaming from 43 networks in Spanish.
  • You can record the programming with 250 hours of Cloud DVR.
  • Sharing the option of two devices on the go and at home.

Fubo Pro Subscription:

  • Fubo Pro Subscription costs you $69.99 a month.
  • It gives you streaming from 130-plus networks.
  • It gives you recording with 1000 hours of Cloud DVR with the simultaneous screen sharing of 10 devices at home.

Fubo Elite Subscription:

  • Fubo Elite Subscription costs you $79.99 per month.
  • It lets you watch 190 plus networks with Fubo Extra and News Plus.
  • It gives you recording with 1000 hours of Cloud DVR with screen sharing of 10 devices at the same time.

Fubo Ultimate Subscription:

  • Fubo Ultimate Subscription costs you $99.99 a month.
  • It gives you streaming of 230 Plus channels and also has Fubo Extra, News Plus, Sports Extra and Showtime networks.
  • Giving 1000 hours of Cloud DVR storage with simultaneous streaming of 10 devices.

Fubo TV provides quality streaming and gives you a seven-day free trial option and several add-ons to enjoy the service for free for an experience. You have several devices on which you can, on Fubo TV, like Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, Android TV, Roku, iOS devices, iPhone, iPad, Google Chromecast, and Android Phones.

Steps To Achieve Fubo TV Subscription:

To get a subscription to Fubo TV, you have to follow the steps below:

  1. First, download the app available to your Google or Apple Play Store, or you can visit the website through a browser.
  2. Now you have the page to enter your email, username, and password.
  3. After that, choose the best subscription plan for you, and you have several add-ons to your subscription plan.
  4. Now add the payment details required for Fubo TV.
  5. Hurray! You are ready to stream French Open tournaments with full freedom.

Final Comment:

Fubo TV is the only leading streaming station in the United States which gives you live tennis tournaments and different packages to stream with.

This article gives you deep info about watching the French Open in the USA, now you are ready to stream French Open live matches via Fubo TV subscription. Get go and Subscribe it!

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