ESPN Plus VS FuboTV: Best Sports Streaming Service in USA

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Are you still in quest of one of the best sports streaming services?

Here, I will describe two of the streaming services for you ESPN Plus VS FuboTV. To let you know which is the BEST STREAMING SERVICE IN USA.

Sports enthusiasts in the USA are consistently looking for the foremost streaming service to watch their live sports events, prime-time shows, and news and to get sports-related notifications.

This article gives you every know-how about ESPN+ and Fubo, how they are comparable to each other, and which one is the BEST SPORTS STREAMING SERVICE IN USA: ESPN Plus VS FuboTV.

ESPN Plus vs FuboTV

ESPN+ Streaming Service:

ESPN+ provides sports lovers with a streaming platform to watch live programs, shows, cricket, basketball, tennis, football, golf, and other sports. Along with that, it gives you the right to stream NHL, Fifa World Cup, T20 World Cup, IPL, MLB, MLS, and UFC fight night games, and you can also buy a pay-per-view event here.


What is ESPN plus streaming?

ESPN+ is an American streaming service to amuse the people living in the United States, launched to entertain people and to give sports fans a vast platform to stream live games.

How much is ESPN+ streaming service?

You can get your ESPN+ subscription for $9.99 per month, but if you want to purchase an annual subscription plan, it is for $99.9 per year. After signing up, you can stream your favorite games.

On which streaming service is ESPN+ available?

ESPN+ streaming service is also obtainable on Hulu+ Live TV. At present, you can enjoy your live sports events and on-demand content with ESPN+ on Hulu plus live TV. You can get it by the click-to-add-on option for just $6.99 per month, giving you the right to stream without any cable operation. Or you can access ESPN+ via the ESPN app.

Which devices support ESPN Plus?

You can stream ESPN+ via one of the preferred devices: it may be your phone, iPad, Tablet, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox, PlayStation, and Samsung TV.

How can you stream ESPN Plus on TV?

Firstly, you have to download the ESPN app from your TV. When the downloading is finished, open the app and sign up for ESPN+. Therefore, you can access it on ESPN Plus. And you can enjoy your most wanted games.

Can you stream ESPN+ for free?

No ESPN Plus does not offer you a free trial, From the platform’s launch in 2018 until June 2020 ESPN Plus provides a 7-day free trial. From July 2020 they revoke the free trial so users have to pay a subscription fee (monthly for $9.99 and $99.99 for a yearly plan).

ESPN Plus Pros and Cons

You can watch it on your TV with a cable provider and also without cable.Not giving live streaming of NFL games.
It will give you the right to stream thousands of sports events that are not on the ESPN network.Live streaming of NBA games is also not available.
You can also buy a UFC pay-per-view event from ESPN Plus.If Hulu+ live TV does not offer ESPN plus on their add-on service, it is costly.
It is more affordable and a pocket-friendly package.You also do not get local games as the Regional Sports Network (RSN) is obtainable here.
Give you the original sports regarding on-demand content.Traditional TV networks are not obtainable on ESPN plus.
You can also get it on Hulu+ live TV, where you can save more money.
You can select your favorite team and can watch their games by getting a notification.

Fubo TV Streaming Service:

Fubo is specifically a sports streaming service, providing the users and the sports aficionado with a monumental platform to indulge their desires.

Fubo TV gives rights to stream a wide range of TV channels; sports networks, news, and other entertainment programs. You can stream almost all the sports games here.


What is Fubo TV streaming?

Fubo TV is a broad platform that mainly focuses on sports networks to meet the fan’s requirements. It is also an American streaming service available for the people of the United States, Spain, and Canada.

How much does a Fubo TV subscription cost?

Fubo TV offers their fans four different packages. So, they can select the one which matches their needs.

  • Pro Package: Fubo TV offers a pro package for $69.99 a month, giving you streaming rights to 124 channels.
  • Elite Package: Fubo TV offers an Elite package for $79.99 a month, giving you the right to stream 177 channels, news, and other extra Fubo channels.
  • Ultimate Package: Fubo TV offers an Ultimate package for $99.99. A month, giving you the right to stream 212 channels. And if you are a soccer lover, this package is for you because it also allows access to the NFL Redzone network and extra Fubo channels.
  • Latino Package: Fubo TV offers a Latino package for $33 a month, giving you the right to stream 43 channels in Spanish.

Which devices support Fubo TV?

You can access Fubo TV and can watch your favorite games series on one of the following devices: You can watch it on Apple TV, Android phone, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox, and Roku.

How can you stream Fubo on your TV?

It is available on many other devices, but if you want to stream it on your TV, you have to first install the app and thenceforth open it and sign up with the package which Please your desires and enjoy an unlimited sports network.

Is Fubo TV streaming free?

Fubo TV offers you a free trial for 7-days, but after that, you have to pay a fee for a selected package.

FuboTV Pros and Cons:

It streams thousands of sports networks.It is more expensive than ESPN plus streaming service, a bigger slap to your wallet.
You can watch many international, local, and national games here.The quality is restricted to 720p
It also provides the NFL Redzone network.Fubo TV does not have a local, regional sports network.
It is best for NFL fans as it gives access to NBC, Fox, and CBS channels. Moreover, it also gives the NFL network to stream soccer games.Not including TNT Channel.
It also offers different packages to fulfill fans’ requirements.It also does not have the right to stream belly sports, turner, and A&E channels.
You can watch it with or without cable.On Fubo TV, you do not purchase UFC pay-per-view events.
It also provides a Latino package which gives streaming rights to fans to watch content in Spanish.

Sum UP on ESPN Plus vs FuboTV:

In short, both are best in their place. You can read the above article and select the one which suits your requirements as I mention both ups and downsides for you. Both are the BEST STREAMING SERVICES IN USA, working more to provide people with desirable and on-demand content.

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