3 Best Free Apps to Watch Hockey World Cup in USA

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Are you locating to get full coverage of hockey games? Then you are on the right way to explore the best free apps to Watch hockey world Cup live of your fave team.

Hockey is an outdoor team game between the two teams. Each team has eleven players. This game is played with hooked sticks in which players must make a goal at the opposite sides of the field with a small ball. All are enthusiastic about watching this battle between the two teams, supporting their fave team by hooting and cheering.

If you are an American hockey fan, you must read the article fully to get the 3 Best Free Apps to Watch Hockey World Cup in USA.

Best Free Apps to Watch Hockey World Cup

Top 3 best free apps to watch hockey World Cup?

Now, you don’t need to get a seat to watch hockey in a place. Modern technology has made it easy by retracting the whole world from your TV. To fulfill the audience’s needs, they also make the world more digital for you by introducing you to apps or websites. If you also do not get your desired streaming, you can catch all the matches live without cable through the apps.

  • Sling TV: gives you “Sports Extra”, including not only hockey games but provides you more than that!
  • ESPN+: gives you the full coverage of hockey games, especially for out-of-market games.
  • Fubo TV: giving you to stream all the on-demand content, a specially designed app for sports lovers.
Streaming ServicesSubscription CostSubscription Link
FuboTV$24/mo (7-Days free)Subscribe Now
SlingTV$20/moSubscribe Now
Disney Bundle/ESPN+$13/mo & $10/moSubscribe Now

1. Watch Hockey World Cup on Sling TV:

Sling TV is an over-the-top streaming service in the United States, serving the audience with live and on-demand content to stream. You can get full coverage of live sports events, shows, news, and movies on an affordable plan.

Sling TV also shares the screen of hockey games with its users. All the NHL games are now available on the Sling service. Letting you stream every live action of hockey players. Sling has ESPN, TNT, and TBS-like channels. It now also offers the NHL network for hockey aficionados with the packages.

Plans And Pricing:

Sling TV offers different plans to its users, designed according to the audience’s requirements. To get the hockey games on your device without cable, you must have one of the Sling TV plans, but in its plans, Sling Orange gives you most of the coverage of hockey games. If you want Sling Blue, you can also get the Sling combo pack to enjoy everything.

  • Sling Orange Plan: It costs $40 monthly, including 31 channels. Sling gives you $10 off for your first month, giving you the TNT, TBS, and ESPN networks.
  • Sports Extra: You can also add Sports Extra to your pack for $11 a month, which gives 14 more sports channels, including the NHL network.

You can fully enjoy hockey games with this package, which gives you 41+ channels to stream exclusive hockey games on the NHL network, having a Cloud DVR of 50 hours. It also allows new users to try it for free, giving you the offer to analyze the service first. We have made a detailed guide on the Best SlingTV subscription plan. Read our article and find out watch Sling International in USA.

2. Watch Hockey World Cup on ESPN Plus:

ESPN+ is also one of the leading streaming stations and allows American fans to enjoy the content at a cheap price fully. ESPN Plus gives you access to thousands of live and on-demand content and provides out-of-market games for your screens.

ESPN has the right to broadcast all the hockey season matches and gives you live coverage, replays, and highlights of the games. It attracts people more by introducing NHL Power Play to ESPN+, which gives you 1000 plus exclusive NHL out-of-market games and covers other national games. The NHL Power Play also includes original series and shows that give the audience a better dose of entertainment.

One of the major benefits of an ESPN+ subscription is that subscribers can access exclusive content. They’ll gain access to documentaries and films from ESPN, which you’ll see in our ESPN Plus Review.

Plans And Pricing

ESPN+ can also be called the home of NHL games and gives you 75 national games weekly, having a broad collection of hockey games. ESPN Plus offers two simple plans, including NHL Power Play, with no additional cost. This makes it a more affordable and pocket-friendly app, especially for cheapskates.

  • Monthly Plan: The ESPN Plus Monthly Plan is $9.99 monthly, allowing you to stream all the out-of-market hockey games.
  • Yearly Plan: The ESPN Plus Yearly Plan is for $99.99 annually or $8.33 a month, giving you the offer to secure nearly $20.

Other ways: You can also get ESPN Plus by bundling up with Disney Plus for $13.99 a month, allowing you to stream Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus in one subscription. You can also get it with Hulu for $6.99 a month, giving you unlimited access to live and on-demand content at a low price.

3. Watch Hockey World Cup on Fubo TV:

Fubo TV is another best option to stream the live and on-demand content library, including hockey games. It is one of the leading streaming services specially focused on delivering sports to the audience.

Fubo TV provides access to all hockey games, giving people a wide platform to get live coverage of hockey and many other national games. It includes the NHL network and ESPN network with its packages. Fubo TV is comparatively high in price, but as it’s costly, giving you high-quality streaming.

Plans And Pricing:

Fubo TV offers many plans to get live NHL on your screens. Take any deal to make your day full of sports games.

  • Fubo Pro Plan: Fubo Pro Plan costs $24.99 monthly, including 120 plus networks.
  • Fubo Elite Plan: Fubo Elite Plan is $79.99 monthly, including 170 plus networks.
  • Fubo Ultimate Plan: Fubo Ultimate Plan is $99.99 monthly, including 200-plus networks.
  • Latino Plan: Fubo Latino Plan is for $33 a month, including 40 Spanish networks.

You can also read our detailed guide on How much does FuboTV cost?

Through these plans, you can catch all live hockey games, highlights, and replays of the matches. The package also includes a Cloud DVR of 1,000 hours, allows you to stream multiple streaming programs simultaneously, and gives a 4k streaming service. You can enjoy it more by buying Fubo add-ons to your packs, such as Sports Plus Pack, NHL Network, NFL Redzone, NBA TV, MLB Network, and more. Fubo TV offers new users a 7-day free trial offer. You can try out the service for free for a week.

Final Comments:

This article provides you with the top three options to get live coverage of Hockey Games without cable in the USA. It is difficult to find the best between these three services. You must analyze the content carefully to decide which is best to watch.

Go and get the live action of your fave hockey player! Subscribe to anyone’s service and stream back-to-back hockey games.

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