How to Watch March Madness live In USA (offer 50% Discount)

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The time has come for the most awaited month of the year and that can only mean one thing: March Madness! Every year, the men’s and women’s college basketball championships hosted by the NCAA are among the most anticipated and entertaining competitions in all of the sports.

The tournament features the best college basketball teams in USA, and the games are always filled with excitement, drama, and unpredictability.

All Basketball fans can watch March Madness Live In USA on SlingTV and FuboTV with an excellent viewing experience and lots of amazing streaming benefits with the most affordable plans.

In this guide, we’ll show you How To Watch March Madness Live In USA, so you can enjoy all the thrills of the tournament from the comfort of your home.

So, Get ready to cheer on your favorite team and experience the madness of March!

How to watch march madness live In USA?

There are plenty of options to watch March madness live in USA due to its popularity and unpredictable scores, but if you are looking for the best option to stream and cheer for your favorite team along with a 4k streaming experience at your home, then we have got you covered!

We have listed some of the most popular streaming services with special streaming benefits and the most affordable streaming plans:

  • FuboTV offers you access to a wide variety of premium sports, news, and entertainment channels, all streamed live to your computer or mobile device.
  • Sling TV is a live TV streaming service that provides two different subscriptions with customizable add-ons and a cloud DVR.

If you’re a basketball fan, you won’t want to miss a single moment of the action so here is How To Watch March Madness Live In USA!

Streaming ServicesSubscription CostSubscription Link
SlingTV$4.99/moSubscribe Now
FuboTV$24/moSubscribe Now

Watch March Madness Live In USA On FuboTV

Among the many current streaming options, Fubtv is widely regarded as among the most effective. It has a wide variety of TV shows, movies, and live sporting events, as well as a user design, so it should appeal to a wide range of customers.

Fubtv is the best place to go if you want to see all the action of March Madness. Users can watch this intense college basketball tournament in real-time, without any breaks, thanks to its efficient and reliable streaming features.

FuboTV gives you access to plenty of these channels that March Madness Live In USA. Most games will be broadcast on ABC, CBS, and FOX, but don’t forget to tune in to ESPN and FOX Sports 1 for coverage of the tournament’s elite teams and other events.

You can watch March Madness on your TVs with Fubo TV. It is a streaming network that focuses on sports. Its main goal is to show sports events to its audience. It also adds more entertaining and interesting content that you can watch whenever you want.

How Much Does FuboTV Cost?

Choose the base “Pro Plan” if you’re only interested in streaming CBS’s basketball games, or explore the company’s other offerings if you’re looking for a broader range of entertainment options.

  • Fubo Pro Plan: For $69.99 a month, you can stream from more than 130 networks, including CBS.
  • Fubo Elite Plan: For $79.99 a month, you can stream from more than 190 networks, including CBS and special add-on channels.
  • Fubo Ultimate Plan: 230 channels to watch, including CBS and unique add-ons. It costs $99.99 a month to subscribe.

FuboTV also offers you to watch your favorite March Madness for free! 7 Day free trial offers you access to all channels without any subscription fee.

Watch March Madness Live In USA On SlingTV

You can watch all the action from March Madness with the best streaming service, Sling TV. As a result of its low cost and flexible channel bundles, it allows viewers to follow their favorite teams in college basketball without breaking the bank.

Users need never miss a moment of the action thanks to the platform’s extensive viewing options, which include live streams, multiple camera angles, and live commentary.

Live TV streaming service Sling TV offers subscribers a wide range of popular cable and network channels, including ESPN, CNN, AMC, and many more, for a low monthly fee.

How Much Does SlingTV Cost?

Sling TV offers several customizable channel packages starting at $20 per month.

Users have the option to choose from basic packages, such as Sling Orange or Sling Blue, or combine packages for a larger channel selection.

The platform offers add-on packages for sports, kids, news, and international channels, as well as premium channels such as HBO and Showtime.

  • Sling Orange: $20 Per Month.
  • Sling Blue: $20 Per Month.
  • Sling Orange & Blue: $25 Per Month

Sling TV provides a cloud DVR service at no additional cost, allowing users to record and save their favorite shows and movies. To know more read our article on Best Sling TV Plans.

Best Devices To Watch March Madness Live In USA

March Madness can be watched on several US devices:

  • Smart TVs: Sling TV, which broadcasts the tournament live, is built into many modern smart TVs.
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, and Apple TV are popular streaming devices. Start watching by connecting the device to your TV and downloading Sling TV.
  • Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have the Sling TV app, making March Madness viewing convenient.
  • Smartphones and tablets: Sling TV’s iOS and Android apps let you stream March Madness live.
  • Laptops and computers: Log in to Sling TV on your laptop or computer to watch the tournament live.


March Madness is one of the most exciting college basketball tournaments of the year and there are several options for watching it live in the USA.

Sling TV and Fubo TV are great ways to stream March Madness live.

You can watch March Madness on TNT, TBS, truTV, and CBS, but on Fubo TV, you can only watch it on CBS. Your games, which are shown on the CBS network, can be watched. If you combine it with Sling TV, you won’t have to miss a single game all season.

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