How to Watch Brazilian TV in USA on Sling (Save 50%)

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Are you looking for the best option to watch Brazilian TV in USA?

Sling TV is the best international streaming service, allowing you to stream a vast variety of content in different languages. It also provides users with Brazilian TV to watch, which include almost all of their fave content like films, series, novels, TV shows, and live and on-demand content.

At the time, Sling TV makes streaming easy for you to get in touch you with all kinds of programming, as it gathers a lot of content on its platform, so there’s no need to be worried about watching your desirable content. You can get it with your Sling TV subscription.

Now, if you are willing to watch Brazilian TV Channels, you can take a guide from this article. It includes everything about Brazilian TV channels, How you get it packages on Sling, and also How to Watch Brazilian TV in USA on Sling.

Watch Brazilian TV

Sling TV Streaming Service:

Sling TV gives the right to its users to watch the latest movies, TV shows, sports, news and other entertainment programs, as it Is a geo-restricted site, so it allows its service only inside the United States of America. It provides many features with its packages and also makes more efforts to enhance its library to provide people with the huge list of family-friendly content which they want to stream.

Subscription PlanSubscription CostBuy Now
Brasil Maximo Pack$15/moSubscribe Now
Brasil Especial Pack$20/moSubscribe Now
Globo Pack$14/moSubscribe Now
Globoplay Free PackFree*Subscribe Now
Brazilian TV Cost

Sling TV Streaming For Brazilian TV Channels:

Sling TV added Brazilian TV channels to their subscription to engage more people with its service. It is one of the legal ways to watch Brazilian TV Channels in the USA at a much more affordable rate. You can stream your fave content anywhere from everywhere online from the Sling TV streaming service.

Brazilian TV Channels give you to watch a lot of content. Sling TV offers more Brazilian networks than anywhere else. It includes all the latest movies, shows, series, novels, and music and has the best Brazilian soccer programming and content for family entertainment, with no additional cost or contracts. It has networks like SBT, Record, and Premier, which live stream the most engaging family-friendly content and also provide you the engrossing live soccer matches as it has a lot of live and on-demand content.

Sling TV provides many features with your Brazilian TV packages. It has a Cloud DVR space to store the content you like, but if you forget to save it, you get a Free Catch Up TV with a subscription that automatically saves the on-air content for at least eight days. Moreover, it provides multiple screening options, which means you can stream its programming simultaneously on up to three devices and have a free trial offer and a free Globoplay with your package.

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Brazilian TV Channels Packs On Sling:

Sling TV offers three surprising packages for the Brazilian TV Channels with a globoplay free for all Sling TV users. Its package also amazes the cheapskate because of its cost-effective price and free access to thousands of the latest globoplay content. You can also add extra packages with your core plan, such as Sports Extra, News Extra, Comedy Extra, Kids Extra, and many more.

Brasil Maximo Pack:

  • The Brasil Maximo Pack is for $30 a month. It is for $15 after a discounted offer on your first month.
  • It has a lineup of eight channels: SBT, Record TV Americas, Band Entertainment, Globo, Globoplay, Baby TV, Premiere, and Band News.
  • It includes the Cloud DVR for 50 hours.
  • It provides you with streaming on three devices at a time.

Brasil Especial Pack:

  • The Brasil special Pack is for $20 a month.
  • It provides you with a lineup of 5 channels, which includes Globoplay, Record TV Americas, Baby TV, Globo and SBT.
  • It has a Cloud DR space of 50 hours.
  • It allows the sharing of screens on three devices at a time.

Globo Pack:

  • The Globo Pack is for $13.99 a month.
  • It allows you to stream two channels, which include Globo and Globoplay.
  • It allows you to watch live TV channels simultaneously on three devices.
  • It also has a Cloud DVR storage of 50 hours.

Globoplay Free Pack:

Globoplay comes free with all your Brazilian TV packages without any additional cost.

Globoplay includes classic novels (like Clone, Vale Tudo, Familia), Web Originals (like Desalma, Sandy Junior A Historia), movies like CRO em Familia, Parças), kids programs ( like D.P.A, SITIO, As Adventure do BoB Zoom) and also includes the best Paulo Gustavo.

You can stream all of this programming without any expense of money. Sling TV gives subscribers the right to hit all of the content Free from Globoplay.

Brazilian Base Pack

How To Get The Packages:

Now, the question that pops up is how to get these top Sling TV deals. To grab this package, you need to have a compatible device that offers Sling TV streaming. You can watch Sling TV anywhere with the 16+ devices they offer. These are Apple TV, Portal, Xfinity, Vizio, Apple iOS, Apple TV, Google TV, Roku, Air TV Player, COX, Android TV, Android devices, and a few more.

[Subscribe to Sling Brazilian TV]

  1. Firstly, it requires you to install the Sling TV App or you can also go to the page.
  2. After visiting this, you just have to enter some information like email and password.
  3. Then, it switches you to select the Sling TV packages. You have to click on one of your fave Brazilian TV Packages.
  4. After that, enter some required Sling TV credentials to pay.
  5. Now, you are able to stream all of the Brazilian TV channels on Sling in the USA.


Sling TV is an excellent streaming service that allows you to hit the library of all the fascinating programs. It also allows you to record your desired content if you miss it. You can also update this Cloud DVR option for $5 a month.

Now, you can only fascinate yourself by subscribing to Sling TV, watching Brazilian TV in USA, hitting the package, and watching all the content.


Where can I watch Brazilian TV series?

Brazilian channels are available on Sling TV in the United States.

How can I watch Brazilian TV in USA?

There are more Brazilian channels on Sling TV than anywhere else! Sling subscribers can also watch Globoplay completely free!

Does Sling TV have Brazilian Programs?

The Sling TV service supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish (Spain or Latin America), French, Brazilian, and Polish.

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