How to Watch Eredivisie in USA (Save 50%)

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The Dutch Eredivisie is the highest league of professional football in the Netherlands, founded in 1956 as a result of professional football in the country beginning two years earlier.

At the end of the 2015-2016 season, it was ranked the 13th-best league in Europe by UEFA. So If you want to know How to Watch Eredivisie? Then there is the complete guide for you!

You can stream your favorite Eredivisie soccer league with ESPN+ and with the best-discounted package Disney Bundle along with 50% OFF.

If you are not familiar, the top division consists of 18 clubs. Each Club meets every other Club twice during the season, once at home and once away. At the end of each season, the Club at the bottom is automatically relegated to the second level of the Dutch league system.

How to Watch Eredivisie

Eredivisie 2022-23 schedule:

  • In the Eerste Divisie (English: First Division), there are 20 teams (of which four are reserve teams of Eredivisie teams).
  • The season runs from August to May, and teams play each other both home and away to fulfill a total of 34 games.
  • 4 matches this week

How to Watch Eredivisie live?

The Dutch Eredivisie will be aired live in the US on ESPN’s internet streaming service, ESPN+. In the 2018–19 season, the subscription-only streaming service obtained the right.

They will be able to use the right until the conclusion of the current 2020–21 campaign because of the three-year agreement. Only ESPN+ is airing this competition in the US.

However, they exclusively stream the games in English. Thus Spanish-speaking users in America are unable to watch the action live in their native tongue. Throughout the whole season, the online streaming network broadcasts more than 120 fixtures and four games per game per week.

Watch Eredivisie with ESPN+:

The ESPN Plus platform offers access to thousands of hours of live and on-demand video content from professional sporting events. It doesn’t matter if you’re a huge sports fan or a professional sports enthusiast. ESPN Plus is for you!

Major fans of the UFC, NHL, Cricket, or college sports should subscribe to ESPN Plus. It’s worth the membership, even if you’re a casual sports enthusiast who wants to take in a range of sports without going broke.

ESPN+ has grown quickly over the past two years, with more than 7.6 million subscribers. Watch ESPN+ by subscribing below!

How much does ESPN+ cost?

Actually, ESPN+ is a streaming service that requires a membership. However, it is considerably less expensive because the subscription only costs $9.99 a month. The cost of an annual subscription, however, is less expensive because it only costs $99.99 for a full year of service.

How to Subscribe to ESPN+?

  1. You can sign up for ESPN+ by clicking the “Subscribe Now” button.
  2. Now fill in your email address, personal information, and password.
  3. There are subscription options for “monthly” and “year.”
  4. To enter a coupon code, click “Have a promo code?
  5. When you have finished entering your payment details, click “Start Subscription.”

Watch Eredivisie in the USA with Disney Bundle:

If you want to watch Dutch Eredivisie in the USA at a discounted rate, Disney Bundle is the best option. There is no need to subscribe separately to ESPN Plus.

Those who enjoy Disney movies, Indian movies, and live cricket matches will enjoy the Disney Bundle. The bundle includes Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, Hotstar, and the basic Hulu package.

Disney Bundle

One of the best things about it is the reasonable monthly fee of $13.99. It offers a great deal of entertainment for such a low fee. 

Many live sporting events, as well as original sports documentaries and series, are available on ESPN+, while Disney+ offers some of the most well-liked films and television programs in the entire world.

How much does Disney Bundle Cost?

Disney Plus is a great choice if you enjoy Disney movies, TV shows, and sports. You can access Disney’s streaming services, along with ad-free versions of Hulu and ESPN Plus, for just $13.99 a month.

Over purchasing each of the three services separately, amounts to a save of around $11. And for just $19.99 a month, you can change to the Hulu plan without advertising if you don’t like them.

How to Subscribe to Disney Bundle?

  1. Click the “Get The Disney Bundle” button or go to the Disney+ website.
  2. Create a password and enter your email.
  3. Select the plan you wish to sign up for, enter your payment information, and then click “Agree and Subscribe.”
  4. Click the billing details link under the account or profile option.
  5. To access ESPN+, look for ESPN+ under “My Services” and click “Stream now.”
  6. On the ESPN+ website or app, log in with your Disney+ credentials, and start streaming.
Disney bundle Offer


You can stream Dutch Eredivisie in the USA with the most discounted package Disney Bundle, and for just $13.99, you will get access to lots of streaming benefits such as Disney originals, Hulu originals, and the worldwide streaming service.

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