Verizon Disney Bundle offer And Free Subscription

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Have you heard about the Verizon Disney Bundle and are ready to stream with it? Here is the go for you— you can get the Verizon Disney Bundle by just stepping up the rules and Verizon Plan rightly, which is, concluded in the article.

Verizon is the top and biggest communication technology service on the globe that gives customers a remarkable unlimited plan which offers data, voice, video streaming and also includes the Verizon Disney Bundle with its plans at no additional cost. Pleasing, right?

Now, they are all excited about watching Disney Bundle Trio ahead of their Verizon Subscription. But, how does Verizon work to get a Disney Bundle for free? To obtain a Verizon Disney Bundle with unlimited Verizon Plans, select the right package mentioned in the guide below.

What is Verizon?

Verizon is the world’s largest communication center, brought up into the digital market in 2000, and now it is now well known due to its wireless, wireline, data center, cloud, networking solutions, security, and network managing services or products.

Its purpose and mission is to provide the fastest wireless networking facility with unlimited plans. It has the most reliable networking system in various parts of the US, mostly outside the major metro areas. The 5GB data pack by Verizon obtains a high value than all others.

With Verizon unlimited plus and unlimited welcome plan subscription, you can stream an ocean of movies, TV shows, and dozens of sports programming by adding a Disney Bundle to one of the above packs.

Verizon Plans

Verizon has various plans, so it’s not simple to select the package. The Verizon packages are categorized into two plans in pricing; postpaid plans and prepaid plans. So, it’s hard to figure out what plans go right for your Disney Bundle streaming and unlimited data planning.

As you Need Disney Bundle perks with your plan, to get it in your deal, postpaid plans are the straight go for you in which you get “Verizon Unlimited Plus Plan” and Verizon “Unlimited Welcome Plan”. Let’s discuss them:

 Unlimited PlusUnlimited Welcome
Line1$65/ line$60/ line
Line2$55/ line$50/ line
Line3$40/ line$35/ line
Line4$30/ line$25/ line

Verizon Unlimited Plus Plan:

The Verizon Unlimited Plus Plan starts at $30/ line. Having a Verizon app on your phone means you have the fastest reliable Verizon 5G network, which is 10x more expeditious than 4G LTE, or you have mobile hotspot data to use.

Moreover, you will have a lot of perks which are unlocked with your Unlimited Plus Plan, which are optional. You can add them to your subscription at just $10/ mo. Or may you receive a promotional offer to get Disney Bundle Streaming free for 6 months.

The Unlimited Plus Plan Includes:

  • 5G Ultra Wideband networking.
  • Premium mobile hotspot data up to 30 GB.

Verizon Unlimited Welcome Plan:

You can also select the Unlimited Welcome Plan, which costs comparatively lower than the unlimited plan plus $25/ line. By getting this, you will activate the speedy 5G wireband network on your phone, which you experience a lot faster than the 4G network. But, with Unlimited Welcome, you do not have hotspot data to use.

Both Unlimited Plans include the same perks. You can access all of them at $10 per month. As all you want is Disney Bundle Streaming with your plan, you can watch it at just $10 at a saving price or you stream it for 6 months free (limited time offer)

The Unlimited Welcome Plan Includes:

  • 5G Ultra Wideband networking.
  • No hotspot.

Perks Added to Unlimited Verizon Plans:

You can relish all these perks with both Unlimited Plans at just $10:

  1. Disney Bundle Streaming (Save $4.99).
  2. Walmart+ membership (Save $2.95).
  3. Apple One (Save $6.95).
  4. Apple Music Family (Save $6.99).
  5. 100 GB mobile hotspot (Save $35).
  6. 3 Travel Pass Days (Save $20).
  7. 2 TB Cloud Storage (Save $4.99).
  8. Smartwatch data & safety (Save $10).
  9. +Play monthly credit (Save $5).

How to Get Disney Bundle With Verizon Unlimited Plans?

After getting subscribed to one of the Verizon Unlimited Plans, you are able to add perks to your package. Below is the full guide to adding the Verizon Disney Bundle to your subscription:

  1. Go to your Verizon app.
  2. Click on the account bar (if locked, then apply password, Face ID, or fingerprint).
  3. Search for a service & perks option.
  4. Then click on see all in the ‘Entertainment’ portion. For more info, tap Learn more in the Disney Bundle section.
  5. Go through the details and after it select Get It Now.
  6. Fill in your email address from which you want to access your Disney Bundle subscription.
  7. Click on the confirm button to agree with Verizon Terms & Conditions.
  8. Now go to the Disney site and enter your email address which you previously used for signing up. Now accept the terms & Privacy Policy.
  9. Finally! You are done now, you can activate your Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ subscriptions and enjoy a thousand enchanting streaming nights

Subscribe rapidly to watch Asia Cup live with Disney Bundle.

Term & Conditions For Verizon Disney Bundle

  • Your Verizon app is just up to date.
  • You get the app only when you have Android devices 5.0 or higher and Apple devices 11.0 or higher. For others, check the Verizon website to access perks.
  • For the Disney Bundle promotional deals and eligibility purposes, you must visit the Verizon site.
  • To add or remove perks, you must be an account owner or account manager.
  • If you already have a Disney Bundle subscription, then enter the email associated with that subscription.

The Bottom Line

Verizon Unlimited Plans comes up with a Verizon Disney Bundle add-on perks or maybe by promotional deal (you will get it for free for a limited time).

It is great to subscribe to Verizon Unlimited Plans as it also gives you the fastest, most reliable network and it is worth your saving by providing a Disney Bundle at no additional cost.

How much does Verizon charge for Disney bundle?

You can get the Disney Bundle for $14.99/month. Watch on your personal computer, mobile phone, tablet, and connected TV. Each eligible Verizon mobile account can receive one promotional subscription free. If you’re eligible, you can go to My Verizon to sign up Now.

Is the Disney bundle free with Verizon?

You can get the Disney Bundle for no extra charge when you have at least one Get More Unlimited or Play More Unlimited plan.

What is included in Verizon’s Disney bundle?

Verizon’s Disney Bundle offers Disney+ (No Ads), Hulu (With Ads), and ESPN+ (With Ads). You can access content from each service separately.

How do I get my free Disney bundle from Verizon?

On the top Account menu, select Add-ons & Apps overview. Click the Learn More button next to the Disney Bundle. To enroll, click Get it now. Simply enter your Disney Bundle subscription email address and click Check email.

How long is the Disney bundle free through Verizon?

Previously, Verizon offered the Disney+ bundle for six months only.
If you have an eligible Unlimited plan, Verizon will give you the Disney bundle free.

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