How to Watch T20 World Cup in Canada

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Would you like to watch T20 World Cup in Canada as well? This is the right station for you.

As the T20 World Cup is going to happen on 16 October, people from all over the world or from Canada are now in quest of how to get a live screening of these fascinating matches.

This article is like these sports aficionados to acknowledge the legal ways to watch ICC T20World Cup in Canada. All cricket enthusiasts are not eligible to get a ticket and stream live matches at a stadium, so they are now searching for a streaming service with an affordable price plan to support their fave team from anywhere. Here In this article, you have a guide on How to Watch T20 World Cup in Canada.

Watch T20 World Cup in Canada

When Is T20 World Cup?

All in all, before switching to the main topic, you must have a needed grip on the T20 World Cup happening this year. The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup is from 16 October to 13 November and is destined to be held in Australia. It is the eighth T20 World Cup tournament played between 16 teams. The people are utterly excited about the match and wanna see who is strong enough to win this battle and take a trophy home.

Get a complete T20 WC Schedule here.

Now, the hassle is starting. How to support your fave team from home? No Worry! Here is the ultimate solution to your question knocking into your mind. This content gives you the route where you can watch T20 World Cup in Canada.

Watch T20 World Cup in Canada

Willow TV Allows you to Watch T20 World Cup In Canada:

Willow TV is a sports streaming service in America whose aim is to provide a broad platform for cricket fans to stream live matches, including recorded and other cricket shows. It has materialized the cricket craze of the fans since 2003 and now provides a way to the Canadian cricket fans a streaming station to have an eye on their desirable match. It gives you the full coverage of on-air matches. You can get replays, highlights, recorded matches, and news related to them on Willow TV. You can also mark your fave match reminder and can share the results and fascinating moments with your family and friends. In addition to this, Willow TV also has PSL, BBL, WBBL, IPL, CPL, and other cricket broadcasting rights, which come around you through a subscription.

Willow TV is the Premium network that wanted a subscription to access its content library. It does not provide any free trial for users. You just have to go through its library. If your required match is available, you can stream it without any obstacles. But if you want a free trial, the only way to get it is through Sling TV, which includes a subscription to Willow TV and provides you a three-day free trial offer.

T20 World Cup Live on Willow

Willow TV Subscription Plans:

Willow TV requires a subscription to enjoy its cricket content. Here you have a look at Willow TV subscription plans.

Monthly Subscription Plan:

Willow TV offers you a monthly subscription plan for $9.99 a month. This package gives you the right to stream matches without skipping any entrancing moment.

Yearly Subscription Plan:

The Willow TV yearly subscription plan is for $60 a year. If we break these yearly plans into a month, it is for $5 a month. You can save a valuable amount of money with this offer.

How To Sign Up:

To sign up with Willow TV, you have to know about the device which gives support to Willow TV. It may be your Android Phone, Tablet, iOS devices, Roku, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Windows, Android TV, and Smart Phones.

Now, to get the subscription, you have to walk through these mini-steps:

  • First, get the Willow TV app from Google Play Store and Apple Store, or you can visit the website.
  • Now, you have to enter your email address and password to set up your account.
  • After that, it allows you to choose a plan to stream.
  • Then you have to enter billing information.
  • And finally, after this step, you can access your Willow Premium Subscription.
Willow TV

Final Over:

Willow TV is the best streaming service to watch your live sports in Canada, providing you with every hiccup moment of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup on an affordable and simple price plan. It offers you tons of cricket content and can be called the home of cricket games.

Willow TV has the broadcasting rights to enjoy T20 World Cup 2022 streaming in Canada, the only streaming service available in Canada. You can watch it through in many ways, but here in, this article provides you the legal way to watch the action-packed ICCMen’s T20 World Cup Online.

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