7 Free Apps to Watch Super Bowl Live in USA: A Comprehensive Guide

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Hey, football fans! Are you ready for the biggest game of the year? The Super Bowl is finally here and you don’t want to miss a single play.

But hold on a sec… what if you aren’t in front of a TV?

Don’t let that ruin your excitement! We’ve got the ultimate solution for you with our comprehensive guide to 7 Free Apps to Watch Super Bowl Live in USA.

Get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy the game from the comfort of your device.

How To Watch Super Bowl Live in USA?

Watching the Super Bowl live in the USA has become a lot easier with the availability of 7 free apps.

These apps offer a premium viewing experience with benefits like high-quality streams, multiple camera angles, and live updates.

Each of these apps offers a unique set of features and benefits like cloud DVRs, unlimited access to popular TV shows, and movies, and much more, making it easier for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

So grab some snacks and get ready to enjoy the game with friends and family. Let’s dive into the apps! Choose the app that you like best and enjoy the game!

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Free Apps to Watch Super Bowl Live in USA

Here are the 7 Free Apps to Watch Super Bowl Live in USA:

1. Yupp TV

Yupp TV is a subscription-based streaming service that offers a vast selection of live TV channels, including sports, news, entertainment, and more. The app is perfect for those who want to stay connected with their favorite TV shows, movies, and live events, regardless of where they are.

With Yupp TV, you can watch the latest movies and TV shows, as well as live sports events, such as the Super Bowl, on your phone, tablet, or computer.

One of the key features of Yupp TV is its extensive library of channels, which includes over 200 live TV channels from India, the US, and other countries.

It offers a vast library of content in various languages including Hindi, English, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Bengali among others.

Members pay a recurring fee to use the YuppTV service and gain access to the content. However, if you sign up for YuppTV through an offer link, you’ll get 14 days free.

  • Visit this YuppTV free trial link to Watch Super Bowl Live in USA.

2. Youtube TV

YouTube TV is a subscription-based streaming service that offers live streams of the Super Bowl, along with a vast library of TV shows and movies.

One of the key features of YouTube TV is its vast selection of channels, which includes over 85 networks, such as sports channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBC Sports, as well as popular news networks like CNN and Fox News.

Whether you’re looking for live sports, the latest news, or your favorite TV shows, YouTube TV has got you covered.

Another great feature of YouTube TV is its cloud DVR, which lets you record your favorite shows and movies, so you can watch them later. With this feature, you’ll never have to miss a single episode of your favorite show, even if you can’t be in front of your TV at the time it’s airing.

YouTube TV offers a wide selection of channels, including major sports networks like ESPN and NBC Sports, which are likely to air the Super Bowl.

  • You can Watch Super Bowl Live in USA on YoutubeTV for free with this YouTube free Trail link.

3. FuboTV

Super Bowl action can now be watched live on the popular US sports streaming channel Fox Sports, which is now available on FuboTV with a smooth interface and other advantages.

FuboTV is a must-have for any sports fan looking to watch the Super Bowl live! With its extensive sports coverage, you’ll never miss a single play of the big game.

With FuboTV, you’ll have access to a wide range of sports networks, including NFL Network, ESPN, and Fox Sports, so you can catch all the action.

Plus, with its cloud DVR, you can record the Super Bowl and watch it at a time that’s convenient for you. With its sleek and user-friendly interface, finding and watching the Super Bowl on FuboTV will be a breeze.

FuboTV$24/moSubscribe Now

Start your 7-day free trial of FuboTV today and get full access to all of its features at no cost to you!

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CBS, FOX, NBA TV, NBC, and NFL Network all broadcast major sporting events. You can watch sporting events from all over the world on beIN and Univision channels.

4. Willow: Free Subscription

Willow TV is a North American-based sports streaming service that focuses on providing live coverage of cricket matches from all over the world. Through their website, mobile app, and certain cable and satellite providers, users can access the platform online.

Willow TV provides cricket fans with a full-service viewing experience, including live matches, highlights, and expert analysis from some of the sport’s most prominent figures.

When you sign up for WillowTV, you’ll get a free 3-month premium membership, allowing you to watch the entire Indian Premier League season live in the United States.

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They have the right to show only cricket games from India, Australia, England, and South Africa, which are all popular cricket-playing countries. Willow TV’s subscribers can watch live matches as well as old matches, documentaries, and other cricket-related content.

Willow TV has become the best place for cricket fans in North America to go because of its high-quality coverage and large library.

5. Apple TV: One Week Free Trail

If you’re looking for the best quality and most convenient entertainment option to Watch Super Bowl Live in USA, look no further than Apple TV.

It has a modern and user-friendly interface and provides access to a plethora of movies and television shows, as well as the most popular streaming services and premium channels.

Everything from sports to news to drama to comedy to documentaries can be found on Apple TV.

Apple TV stands out among streaming media players because of its seamless integration with other Apple products, making it possible to play content purchased on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac directly on your TV.

Streaming content from your Apple devices is made easier than ever before with AirPlay mirroring and Siri’s voice search for all your favorite shows, actors, and directors.

In addition to widely used streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV provides users with access to a number of premium channels that are only available through Apple’s platform.

  • Visit This Apple TV free Trail to Watch Super Bowl Live in USA for free!

6. Tata Sky: Live Streaming APP

Tata Sky is an Indian direct-to-home (DTH) TV service that gives customers all over India access to high-quality digital TV services. Tata Sky Limited, which is owned and run by the Tata Group and 21st Century Fox, is in charge of the platform.

Tata Sky has a large number of channels in many different categories, such as entertainment, sports, news, regional, and international. The platform also has a lot of movies, TV shows, and educational programs that you can watch whenever you want.

Tata Sky is the perfect choice for those looking to watch the Super Bowl in the comfort of their own homes! With its crystal-clear picture quality and surround sound, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.

Tata Sky offers a wide range of channels, including sports channels that are likely to air the Super Bowl, so you won’t miss a single moment of the big game.

  • Visit This link to download the free Tata Sky APP.

7. Live NetTV

The use of Live NetTV to watch cable channels online without spending a dime is a fantastic option. The selection of television stations is extensive. It’s all here, whether your interest is in sports, news, entertainment, films, or television shows. Don’t forget to check out some of these fantastic alternatives to Live Net TV.

On their official website, they say that the app has 800+ Live TV channels. It also has a large number of movies in the VOD section.

The Live TV channels are separated by sports, entertainment, news, movies, documentaries, cooking, kids, music, religion, and country. There are Indian, Hollywood, Pakistani, Punjabi, and animated movies in the VOD section.

The app also has a section for live sports events, where different games are listed a week in advance based on your local time so that the user can watch their favorite game on the go.

Live NETTV is an app built to provide all shows of the OTT platform for free without any subscription fee or hidden charges.

  • Get your free Live NetTV App here!

Paid Apps to Watch Super Bowl Live in USA

1. ESPN+

ESPN+ is a paid streaming service offered by ESPN, the world’s leading sports broadcaster. With an ESPN+ subscription, you can watch a wide range of live sports events, including the Super Bowl match.

To get started with ESPN+, simply sign up for an account and subscribe to the service. With ESPN+, you’ll have access to live Super bowl matches, exclusive content, and original programming, all in one convenient place.

Starting at $9.99 per month, ESPN+ offers an affordable way to stay up-to-date with the latest sports matches. Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan or just looking to catch the occasional match, ESPN+ is the perfect choice for sports lovers in the USA.

2. Sling TV

Sling TV is a paid streaming service that offers live TV channels, including sports channels like Willow TV. With a Sling TV subscription, you can watch live Super Bowl matches.

Sling TV offers a range of affordable packages to choose from, starting at $7 per month. Simply sign up for an account and select the package that best suits your needs. With Sling TV, you can enjoy live Super bowl matches on multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

Streaming ServicesSubscription CostSubscription Link
SlingTV$20/moSubscribe Now
ESPN+$69/moSubscribe Now


With the 7 free apps to watch Super Bowl live in USA, you’ll never have to miss a single play of the big game again. Whether you’re a sports fan, a news junkie, or simply love to stay up-to-date on the latest entertainment, there’s something for everyone.

Each of these apps offers a unique set of features and benefits, from cloud DVR to extensive channel selections. It’s up to you to determine which app is the best fit for your needs.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the excitement of the Super Bowl with these amazing apps!

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