How to Watch Local Channels Without Cable in USA (Save 50%)

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Are you also on the local channels and want to stream them without cable?

Your quest is over now! This article gives you the best option to watch local channels without any cable provider. Many of the streaming services have the right to broadcast live local channels, but here mention only those which give quality streaming at the cheapest rates. So, after analyzing this article, you are on cloud nine and can enjoy every live moment offered by the local channels.

This article will guide you about the best streaming service to watch local channels, their plans and pricing, the list of local channels they have, and must include How to Watch Local Channels Without Cable.

Watch Local Channels Without Cable

How to Watch Local Channels Without Cable?

Below are a few cheapest Streaming Services to Subscribe to and get local channels without cable.

Streaming ServicesSubscription Link
SlingTVSubscribe Now
FuboTVSubscribe Now
VidgoTVSubscribe Now
Paramount+Subscribe Now

Sling TV Streaming For Local Channels:

Sling TV is one of the international streaming services that run in the United States, providing you with a wide range of channels to stream. It includes all the entertainment programs, movies, TV shows, sports, news, and many more. It broadcasts live local channels for the viewers on its monthly plan and offers extra add-on packages to add more flavor to your programming. It is true that Sling TV does not offer entire local channels, but it gives you some major local channels to watch the content.

Watch Local Channels in USA

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Subscription Package:

Sling TV offers three subscription packages that have local channels to stream. You can have your desirable TV pack with a local channel you like to watch.

Sling Blue Plan:

  • Sling TV Blue Plan is $35 a month, with a lineup of 40 plus channels.
  • It allows you to watch FOX and NBC local channels to stream.
  • Having a Cloud DVR space of 50 hours.
  • And streaming on three screens at a time.

Sling Orange Plan:

  • Sling Orange Plan is $35 a month, with the lineup plus channels.
  • It broadcasts the ABC local channel to watch from the ESPN3 network.
  • Having a Cloud DVR space of 50 hours.
  • And streaming on one screen at a time.

Sling Orange+Blue Plan:

The Sling Orange+Blue combo is for a $50-a-month package. You can watch both the packages programming in the combo pack, which has similar features.

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Fubo TV Streaming For Local Channels:

Fubo TV is another leading streaming service that offers tons of content. You can watch live sports, news, movies, shows, and live and on-demand content on it. It also allows the streaming of local channels. You can hit the local channels on any of its plans. It includes FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, Univision, The CW, and Telemundo as local networks available according to the viewer’s location. You can add extra packs to your package to watch more on local channels.


Subscription Packages:

Fubo TV offers different plans, including the lineup of local networks, and provides you with a seven-day free trial offer.

Fubo Pro Plan:

Fubo Pro Plan is for $69.99 a month, giving you the to watch all the local and Regional Sports Networks. You can also add more channels for $7.99. The package gives Cloud DVR space and simultaneous streaming of 10 devices at a time.

Fubo TV Elite Plan: 

Fubo TV Elite Plan is for $79.99 a month, giving you a huge lineup of channels with a Cloud DVR option and screening of 10 devices at the same time. It must include local channels to stream.

Fubo TV Ultimate Plan:

Fubo Ultimate Plan is for $99.99 a month and has 200+ channels, including the local networks with the Cloud DVR spacing. You can also add extra to watch more live and on-demand content.

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Vidgo TV Streaming For Local Networks:

Vidgo TV offers you the streaming of 150 plus live TV channels, including sports, movies, shows, news, local, and much more entertainment. You can watch it from anywhere you are without any cable, as it provides you with a lineup of local TV channels. You can find out all the news and sports on local channels from Vidgo TV, depending on your area location. Let’s have a look at its plans which provide the streaming of ABC and FOX local networks, but it is missing the content from the CBS and NBC networks. Moreover, its channel line also includes the NFL and ESPN networks.

Subscription Packages:

There are two plans that Vidgo offers, which must include the local networks for streaming.

Vidgo Plus Plan:

The Vidgo Plus Plan is for $59.95 a month. This pack gives you the live streaming of 110 plus channels, including a kids network, a sports network, and local networks.

Vidgo Premium Plan:

Vidgo Premium Plan is for $79.99 a month and gives you to watch 150 plus channels. You can watch live sports, news, shows, and movies on this pack with the local channels.

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Paramount Plus For Local Channels:

Paramount Plus was first launched on the market as CBS All Access, but after some time, they planned to enhance its features and content library. They worked with the ViacomCBS network and then re-launched the app as Paramount Plus. And now it gives you the streaming of CBS local channels with other networks like Nickelodeon, MTV, BET, Comedy Central, and others to provide people with more entertainment with local content. It offers you tons of live and on-demand content in its packages. It also provides you with a seven-day free trial offer with its plan.

Subscription Packages:

Paramount Plus offers you two packages starting from $4.99 a month, but the Paramount Essential pack does not include streaming the local CBS network. The plan mentioned below gives you to stream the CBS network.

Paramount Plus Premium Plan:

The Paramount Plus Premium Plan is for $9.99 a month, one of the cheapest ways to stream local CBS stations. With this plan, you can hit all the libraries of Paramount Plus with the local channel it has. You can also bundle up your plan with Showtime and add more entertainment to your package for $14.99 a month.

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These streaming services give the right to you to stream local channels without any cable. You can also get dozens of more live and on-demand content with it.

Now, choose the streaming service with your local channel which you want to watch, get its subscription and enjoy the streaming of live local channels without any cable provider.

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