How to Watch Hotstar in Australia [A Complete Update Guide]

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Hotstar is the place to go if you want Indian and international TV channels, shows, movies, documentaries alongside sports events like IPL, T20 WC.

Furthermore, you can experience numerous features on a wide range of devices like legacy Disney titles, Disney’s original content, simultaneous streams, offline viewing, etc. accordingly.

Continue reading this Disney Hotstar Australia guide to know how you can stream your favorite shows with the help of a VPN. If you are in Australia, then it means that there is no official support for Netflix or any other streaming service on Hulu as well. To overcome geo-restrictions and watch content worldwide, one needs a VPN at their end.

Is Hotstar available in Australia?

Indian Hotstar has the biggest content library of all other regions. It contains every latest movie and TV show that is available on Disney+ Hotstar. However, you cannot access many titles in any region’s HotStar if they are not present on the Indian version.

If you try to stream Indian Hotstar in Australia, the service will not access any content. However, with a reliable streaming VPN service like ExpressVPN or NordVPN, unblock your favorite shows and movies easily! This happens due to licensing restrictions.


How to watch Hotstar in Australia?

With ExpressVPN on your streaming device, you can access the popular Indian TV channel Hotstar easily. When connecting to PureVPN and switching your location to any region of choice, once connected, your IP address is masked with one in that chosen place!

How can I watch Hotstar in Australia for free?

You can easily do this with a VPN, which will let you connect to an Indian server and unblock the service.

Why Disney+ Hotstar is not working in Australia?

The people in India can access Hotstar for free, while the Australians have no choice but to pay if they want a paid subscription. This is unfair as Australia should be included with other countries that don’t require payment from their users.

Why is Hotstar slow on VPN?

While a VPN may slow your Hotstar streaming, ExpressVPN has proven to increase connection speeds. If you’re experiencing low video quality, try connecting to an Indian server location or nearby one for the best experience possible.

Which free VPN is best for Hotstar?

There are VPNs out there that promise to unlock your favorite TV shows and movies through their streaming sites, like Netflix. However, the minute these free VPNs recognize a user’s IP address is from an active connection with another service provider. They block it immediately without warning!

This leaves you unable to watch what you want on any of those platforms, defeating the purpose of using one.

Best is Premium VPNs rotate IP addresses, so important thing you have to take Premium VPN and you can watch geo-blocked content wherever you are.

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