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Hotstar is officially an Indian app, and most of its shows are restricted to other regions. Even Hotstar is officially available in some countries outside India, such as in UK, USA, Canada, etc. However, some of the shows are restricted in these regions too. We will tell you here how you can get Hotstar UK Subscription or use Hotstar in the UK.

In the UK, Hotstar costs a lot more than in India. In India, you pay nearly £15 to subscribe to Hotstar, but in the UK, you have to pay £49.9 almost three times more than in India, but don’t worry, we have the best Hotstar UK Promo code: WIN40 for the UK users. Just stay tuned.

But your luck is good enough that you can also use Hotstar in the UK at the same price as in India. By using our HotStar UK Promo code: WIN40, that might be easier.

About HotStar

HotStar is one of the best live streaming apps. It gives you the best live streaming experience of Cricket. To watch the live stream, you can get a subscription to Hotstar from your mobile smoothly. Hotstar is able to live stream IPL 2020 matches. So it’s a very helpful and fantastic app for Cricket lovers you can Watch IPL 2020 anywhere, anytime easily from your mobiles. Not only IPL, but you can also watch your favorite matches and live to stream them like Asia World cup, T20, etc.

IPL is starting on 19 September, and many cricket lovers are waiting for it. This year the Hotstar decided to move live streaming of the matches this season behind the paywall. All you have to get a subscription to the Disney and Hotstar VIP plan, and you are ready to go with this fantastic app.

Hotstar launched in February 2014. The IPL starts with it in 2015, the most Targeted feature of Hotstar is Hotstar Cricket. Cricket as a sport has a very important place in people’s life. Cricket is the only sport that is loved by All over the World and Watches in almost every Country. In some countries, people may not live to stream their favorite matches due to Work or Travelling, for those Hotstar is the best choice.

Hotstar UK Subscription

Why Hotstar is best?

Hotstar is quite local in India, and it is currently expanding few other countries such as the UK, the USA, and Canada. Below are there some important things which make better to Hotstar rather than others.

1. Application Interface: Hotstar has support for quick search results in real time, which is very useful and, in the meantime, saves the precious time of its users. The application is well constructed and easy to browse on all the platforms, whether it is a smartphone, laptop, or television.

2. Playback Experience: Hotstar has options to choose the playback quality of videos, and it also adapts its quality based on the network speed. Since Hotstar is a free application, there is a lot more traffic on Hotstar hence playback speed of Hotstar is a little slower.

3. Video Quality and Downloads: Hotstar plays good quality video at lower web speeds, which is a good option for the watchers who don’t always get the best connection speeds. But when the traffic is high, it also faces some video streaming problems. On-application downloads are accessible and are easy to download. It also has a feature that downloads the next episode of an ongoing series automatically.

4. Content: Hotstar has a wide number of TV shows and motion pictures accessible on its apps. Even Hotstar offer live streaming of Cricket and other sports exclusively online, which makes Hotstar the hot most loved among others. Also, Hotstar has a contract with HBO so that we can watch HBO originals like Game of Thrones, Barry, Westworld, Silicon Valley, and many other critically acclaimed HBO shows on Hotstar only.

5. Cost: Hotstar offers countless free shows and motion pictures to watch most of the Indian content and Hotstar original programming for free. However, the initial membership of Hotstar cost is £49.99. But we have an offer once you use Hotstar UK Promo Code: WIN40 you will get a £5 instant discount which gives you access to international shows, latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Hotstar UK Plan

Hotstar is officially available in the UK and offers the following two subscription plans:

  • £44.99 per year (Instant £5 off On Code: WIN40 And extra £45 Dealer Offer).
  • £5.99 per month (No Code, No extra Discount).

Hotstar UK Membership

If you are a fan of cricket and want to watch the cricket on time. So what are you waiting for, for the subscription to Hotstar? If you are in the UK and cannot get a subscription to Hotstar, then stay tuned. We are giving you the best way to get a subscription.

1: Go with the Hotstar UK link or Click on the subscription button.

2: Fill in all details such as (Full Name, Email, Password) and Click on Create Account.

3: Select the annual plan. offer will redeem the annual plan only.

4: Search promo on the page or you will get the text “Promo” as highlighted in the below image “Have a Promo Code? ” Now Enter promo code: WIN40 on that option and press Apply button.

5: Page will display £44.99 (from £49.99). Now Enter your debit/credit card details and finish your subscription.

£45 & $300 extra Dealer offer with Hotstar UK Subscription

1. £5 Instant Discount with promo: WIN40

2. $300 Hotel Saving card (Dealer Offer)

3. £45 Hotel Vacation Voucher. (£45 Hotel Vacation Voucher will be available after you subscribe to Hotstar).

Note: To receive the offer, either you have to click the form and submit your details or drop a mail to

Hotstar US

Hotstar USA also has discounted price of $45 with promo code: WIN40.

Why always Cricket on Hotstar

Hotstar can broadcast commentary in 8 different languages. That means you can watch cricket in your convenient language. That is Tamil, Urdu, English, TELUS, etc. The best way to live stream Crick is Hotstar no matter where you are. Whether you are traveling or walking or doing any work, Hotstar is the best partner you have especially for Cricket Lovers.

Highlights Cricket on Hotstar US

Note: IPL streaming is only available in the USA and Canada and It is not available in the UK.

You can watch all kinds of matches on Hotstar Cricket like IPL, World Cup, T20, or any match series going live. Another advantage is that if you miss your favorite game, you can watch it later on Hotstar with its highlights.

All matches you all love to watch live on Hotstar, and you can watch it easily without any inconvenience. What are you waiting for to go and get a subscription to Hotstar for the best experience in Live streaming?

IPL 2022 Overview

As all cricket lovers know that IPL is on the way starting from 26th March 2022, and for sure, you don’t want to miss it. Because Hotstar cricket provides the best quality videos of IPL matches, it recorded almost 18.6 million views during the IPL series last year.

Hotstar updated a lot than last year, and its view time on mobile also increases than last year. There is more variety of languages. Now you don’t have to worry about the commentary. You can listen to it in your mother language as Hotstar provides the Multi-language Commentary. It provides edge-cutting technology, custom highlights, etc.

Note: Hotstar is streaming live IPL in the US, Canada, and India. UK streaming rights is not yet bought by Hotstar.

Teams participated in Dream-11 IPL-2022

  • SRH (Sunrise Hyderabad)
  • MI (Mumbai India).
  • CSK (Chennai  Super Kings)
  • DC (Delhi Capitals)
  • KKR (Kolkata Knight Rider)
  • KXIP (Kings XI Punjab)
  • RR (Rajasthan Royal)
  • RCB (Royal Challenger Bangalore)
  • GT (Gujarat Titans)
  • LSG (Lucknow Super Giants)

Note: Hotstar is streaming live IPL in the US, Canada, and India. UK streaming rights is not yet bought by Hotstar.

ICC Word Cup Cricket on Hotstar

You can easily watch the ICC World Cup on Hotstar and can support your favorite team. Last year it was broadcast on Hotstar from 28 May to 14 July. Last year a huge crowd came to watch ICC World Cup 2019.

This year Hotstar giving the best opportunity to experience the best quality Cricket and enjoy the live broadcast of ICC World cup 2020.

10 teams participate in the ICC World Cup which is

  • England (Host)
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • South Africa
  • Sri Lanka
  • Afghanistan
  • West Indies.

All these compete against each other, and the audition love to watch them competing. In the finals of the ICC World Cup, the teams left are England and New Zealand. Hotstar Cricket is the best way to see your favorite team competing with each other, and while being busy or doing work, you can watch it live.

This year’s still schedule is not announced, but stay tuned to get more information about T-20 ICC World Cup 2020 Cricket on Hotstar.


We have seen Hotstar at the lowest price with Promo code: WIN40 which not only gives full-year service but also you can watch on 2 devices together. We never know if the price can go up so avail of the offer asap before the Promo expired. Subscribe Now.

Some FAQ That Might Came Into Your Mind

Why do we use Hotstar to watch IPL?

The best way to live stream is Hotstar. As we told you before it broadcast the commentary in different languages Tamil, talcum, Hindi, English, etc. Also, you can watch live Ipl while traveling or walking, or doing work anywhere at any time.

Is Hotstar Available in the UK?

Yes, Disney+ Hotstar is available in the UK, and you can stream shows and movies directly from its website online or download its app on your device that is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. However, movies and shows that are available in Hotstar India are not available in Hotstar UK.

How to Watch Hotstar in the UK?

Hotstar is available in the US, UK, Canada, and India. However, Hotstar membership isn’t transferable from one country to another, if you purchased Hotstar membership in the UK, you’re only entitled to watch content on it while located within that region.
However, users in the UK can’t access the same movies and TV shows as those in India. This is because, like many other streaming services, Hotstar is geo-restricted. These services work by sending all of your internet traffic through a server in another country.

Does Hotstar UK free trial Available?

Hotstar UK is a live sports and entertainment streaming service available only for those who can afford to subscribe. You cannot try it out free, but if you are unsatisfied with their services after 48 hours of purchase, they will refund your money in full.

Does Hotstar UK have Disney plus content?

Disney+ Hotstar is a service that’s been available in the UK for quite some time now. You can stream shows and movies directly from its website or download apps available across various stores, including Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.

How to get the coupon for Hotstar?

We have a solution to this problem all you have to do is use our Promo code: WIN40 for the best offer and for the biggest coupon offer you can use our premium code as we are the partner for Hotstar for this year you will get the best offers through this Promo code, especially for UK users.

How many languages does HOTSTAR support?

Hotstar supports almost 8 languages.
So what are you waiting for go and get your subscription done so that you can enjoy the best live streaming of IPL through HOTSTAR?

Hope you all get the information through the article about the Hotstar UK subscription, Hotstar Cricket, IPL 2021, etc.

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