Debutify Theme Review (Latest Update o Plans)

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Debutify Theme Review: Would you like to boost the conversion rate of your eCommerce store? It’s surprising how little tweaking you need to do. Instead, it would help if you concentrated on your THEME. Changing your theme can open up a whole new world of possibilities for your Shopify brand.

That’s where Debutify comes in. You can choose from hundreds of Shopify themes, but Debutify is a freemium theme designed to transform your store into a high-converting machine.

While it is an excellent choice for beginners who want to set up their store without any hassle since it has a clean and user-friendly interface that makes tweaking and customizing easy…

This app’s overall functionality and performance make it more suitable for brand owners looking to grow and scale their Shopify store. Ultimately, the features — namely the 50+ Add-Ons that come with it — are geared towards increasing conversion and sales.

In addition, it integrates seamlessly with various markets. Instead, it is designed for any eCommerce store regardless of its niche.

Whether you’re operating a high-end designer accessory store or an organic grocery store, Debutify is your best bet.

So, in this review, I’ll share what makes Debutify a favorite among Shopify brand owners, as well as its pros and cons based on my own experience.

Debutify Theme Review: Features

Debutify is unique in that all of its features are geared towards conversion optimization. In other words, the theme gives your customers a great experience and makes it easier for them to buy, increasing your conversions.

To demonstrate how Debutify optimizes conversions, here is a list of some of its features.

Design and Interface

I like themes that are clean and simple, and Debutify definitely fits the bill.

The interface of Debutify looks sleek and professional right out of the box, so I didn’t have to do much tweaking.

The product pages are also easy to navigate, even when I add various Add-Ons. You can also use the product slider to display featured products, which look good on both desktop and mobile.

Fast Loading Speed

So I ran the Debutify Demo store on GTmetrix, and guess what? It had a loading time of 2 seconds on average!

Debutify Theme Review

It’s amazing how fast that page loads, considering that customers leave a site that loads more than three seconds. I’m at least sure that I won’t lose customers because my store takes a long time to load.

Even if all the built-in Add-Ons are activated, Debutify won’t slow down my store’s loading time. Since all Add-Ons were specifically designed for Debutify, they don’t have compatibility issues.

Ease of Use

Debutify is easy to use, and that’s one of my favorite things about it.

Installing Debutify into my Shopify store did not require any technical knowledge on my part. Within minutes, I was able to install the entire theme with just one click. The same applies to the built-in Add-Ons and integrations!

In addition, I did not need to hire any other designers or developers to use Debutify. Its dashboard is easy to use and offers plenty of customization options.

Debutify Theme Review: Customization

When I say that standing out among all the Shopify stores can be difficult, I believe that I am speaking for many Shopify brand owners. You run the risk of making your store look like everyone else’s when you use a theme that’s available to everyone.

That’s not the case with Debutify. It has a highly customizable template that I can customize to match my store’s color scheme and design preferences.

Some of the things I noticed I could customize include:

  • slideshows
  • animations
  • product pages
  • product tabs and videos
  • Add-Ons
  • layouts
  • headers and footers
  • menus
  • logo settings
  • navigation settings
  • colors
  • testimonials

While exploring Debutify’s various customization settings, I created the look and felt of my brand. Because it has a user-friendly interface, I believe anyone can use it!


I never had a problem viewing my store on various mobile devices and screen sizes. No matter which device I used, Debutify gave me a fantastic user experience!

Regular Updates

It’s excellent that Debutify automatically updates both free and paid users. No need to do anything. By getting notified whenever they do that, I stay on top of the theme’s latest features.

They also make sure to address those issues in their next update if you request new features or bug fixes.

Debutify’s subscription pricing ensures you will receive updates as long as you are a subscriber.

Debutify Theme Review: Customer Support

Debutify’s customer service is fast and reliable. They’re available 24/7, so I get a prompt response to my queries. And they’ve been very helpful with whatever concerns I may have. It’s also easy to reach them on various channels, whether it’s email, phone, or chatbots. Enterprise users even get a dedicated Client Success Champion for their VIP customer support.


The Debutify theme sets itself apart from all other Shopify themes with its 50+ built-in Add-Ons. After all, I’ve never seen a theme with this many add-ons!

Integrations are possible with other themes (such as Debutify). However, you don’t have to download third-party apps to accomplish your task with built-in Add-Ons.

Besides saving you time and money from subscriptions, this also ensures that the Add-Ons will work appropriately within the Debutify ecosystem and won’t conflict with the theme. After all, they’re both created by the same developer.

There are no compatibility issues that might crash your site and can take hours to fix. Even just a few hours of downtime would mean losing sales I would typically make!

Another benefit: it makes your store load faster! Since the Add-Ons are seamlessly integrated into the Debutify ecosystem, no external code is required, so loading is significantly reduced. Even if you install all the Add-Ons, your computer won’t crash or slow down.

Our customers get the best shopping experience with Add-Ons and fast loading times!

I want to give a quick walkthrough of the 50+ Add-Ons Debutify offers. They’re classified into the following categories:

These Add-Ons encourage your customers to add more to their carts, increasing their average order value. 

  • Add-To-Cart Animation
  • Cart Goal
  • Cart Savings
  • Cart Upsell
  • Collection Add-To-Cart

If you want to make your customers buy from you, then you should use these Conversion Trigger Add-Ons to trigger them to click that buy button. 

  • Cart Countdown
  • Cart Discount
  • Discount Saved
  • Inventory Quantity
  • Skip Cart
  • Social Discount
  • Sticky Add To Cart
  • Trust Badge
  • Upsell Bundles
  • Upsell Pop-Up

Use these Add-Ons if you want your customers to buy from you repeatedly and foster their brand loyalty. 

  • Newsletter Pop-Up
  • Order Feedback
  • Wish List

Shopping Enhancer Add-Ons give your customers a premium shopping experience so that they’d be more likely to become repeat customers. 

  • Automatic Geolocation
  • Back In Stock
  • Cart Favicon
  • Collection Filters
  • Color Swatches
  • Custom Currencies
  • Delivery Time
  • Facebook Messenger
  • FAQ
  • Inactive Tab Message
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Instagram Feed
  • Linked Options
  • Mega Menu
  • Menu Bar
  • Order Tracking
  • Page Speed Booster
  • Page Transition
  • Pricing Table
  • Product Bullet Points
  • Product Image Crop
  • Product Swatches
  • Product Tabs
  • Quantity Breaks
  • Quick View
  • Recently Viewed
  • Size Chart
  • Smart Search
  • Synced Variant Image

These Add-Ons protect your store and assets from any legal liabilities. 

  • Age Check
  • Agree To Terms
  • Cookie Box
  • Shop Protect


Apart from the Add-Ons, it’s also easy to install third-party integrations into Debutify if you need them.

As of 2022, here are the integrations you can connect to your Debutify theme:

  • Loox
  • Katana
  • Ali Insider
  • SMSBump
  • Firepush
  • ProveSource
  • Growave
  • CJ Dropshipping
  • AutoDS
  • Budai Media
  • Easyship
  • Koala Inspector
  • Admitad Cashback
  • Cartloop
  • Eprolo
  • BandsOffAds
  • CartHook Post Purchase Offers
  • Yakkyofy
  • uDroppy
  • Judge Me
  • Spocket

Want to give these 50+ Add-Ons a try? Use this exclusive code DEBUTIFY30 (Get 30% OFF your first 2 months) to start using Debutify and enjoy great savings!

Debutify Pros and Cons

Great for all businesses–beginners or experts
Great for all eCommerce industries
14-day full access free trial
 30-day money-back guarantee
 Automatic updates
 50+ conversion-boosting Add-Ons
 24/7 customer support
 1-click installation of theme and Add-Ons
 Mobile-responsive for all devices
 Compatible with any internet browser
The free plan leaves so much to be desired
Pricing is a little higher compared to other themes


The free version of Debutify provides you with a theme for one store license and basic support via email and chatbots. Other features include feature requests.

However, I would not recommend the free version because it has so many restrictions. The three paid plans of Debutify are your best bet if you want to master its power.

Here are the prices and inclusions for each pricing tier for 2022.

Free StarterProEnterprise
1 store license
Basic chatbot and email support
Feature requests
1 store license
Basic chatbot and email support
Up to 5 Add-Ons
Advanced support
1-click integrations
Feature requests
1 store license
Chatbot, email, and live support
Up to 30 Add-Ons
Advanced support
1-click integrations
Feature requests
Up to 3 theme templates (coming soon)
3 store licenses
24/7 priority customer and development support with dedicated Client Success Champion
Access to ALL 50+ Add-Ons
1-click integrations
Feature requests
Access to ALL theme templates (coming soon)
Automatic theme backup (coming soon)

Please note that the prices above are for monthly plans. If you pay quarterly, you can save 15%, and if you pay annually, you can save 25%.

I really like how flexible Debutify’s pricing plans are. When you pay monthly, there is no lock-in period, so you can leave whenever you want.

You can also try Debutify for free for 14 days to see if it’s right for you. During those 14 days, you’ll have access to ALL Debutify features. It’s like getting a free Enterprise subscription!

Even if you decide to go with the paid plan, you’re protected by the Vanguard Guarantee – basically a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide that Debutify isn’t for you. The theme is virtually yours to use for a month and a half without any risks!

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Debutify?

The Debutify Shopify theme helps you build, grow, and scale your Shopify brand. The platform boasts 50+ built-in Add-Ons that help maximize your conversions and sales.

Is Debutify really free?

Yes! It has a free plan, though the features are limited. If you want to get the most out of Debutify, I recommend going for one of its paid plans.

What are Debutify Add-Ons?

The Debutify theme includes 50+ powerful apps to help you boost conversions. Since they are native to Debutify, even if you activate them all, your store won’t slow down. Additionally, they adjust to your theme’s styles and settings automatically, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

Is Debutify secure?

Absolutely! There have been no security breaches reported by Debutify users. You will only be asked for permission to download the theme and its Add-Ons. It does not have access to customer data and other sensitive information.

Is it possible to change Debutify plans?

Absolutely. Because of the flexible pricing, you can change plans anytime you want to, according to your business needs.

Is it possible to switch Add-Ons?

Yes, of course. You can deactivate an Add-On in the dashboard if you don’t need it. Additionally, you can activate all Add-Ons if you need them. They will not slow down your site.

Does the theme get updated?

Yes! The Debutify Team constantly deploys new features, improvements, and bug fixes to update the theme and Add-Ons.

The Verdict: Is Debutify Worth It?

Since it has the right mix of essential and premium features for a Shopify theme… Debutify is highly recommended!

Brand owners can maximize the theme’s conversion-boosting features in order to scale their business. In addition, it’s easy to install and operate even by first-time Shopify store owners.

Nevertheless, to get the most out of Debutify, I recommend the Pro subscription, which offers the best value for growing brands.

Want to boost your eCommerce brand’s conversions and sales with Debutify? Follow these steps

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