Left-Arm Pacer Arjun Tendulkar: His Life and Cricket in a nutshell

Currently, the term Nepotism is being used frequently everywhere, and even cricket is not spared from this terminology. We have seen many players worldwide who have been children of already a well-known cricketer. We are currently not entering into the debate that they are as good as their parents or can achieve the heights more than their parents. “Arjun Tendulkar is not an unknown name for anyone”.

We all know as Arjun Tendulkar’s father is Sachin Tendulkar, but very few people understand and acknowledge his game. He has not played any senior format of cricket yet, but still, he has been searched and talk nationally and internationally. 

To my knowledge, He was first noticed by everyone as well as Sachin Tendulkar when he got eight wickets just for 22 runs at Mumbai’s very famous inter-school Harris shield. 

Tendulkar has developed into – perhaps – the most outstanding cricket ever in the game’s history. Since the school days of Sachin, the media itself has evolved monstrously. The intrusion has been the interest of fans and journalists. This constant glow has plagued athletes and families with immense stress.

Arjun Tendulkar cannot grow spontaneously without the stress of a well-known surname like other children. Everywhere he goes, the poor guy will suffer high and unreasonable demands. While the Tendulkar is well-headed, they can’t do anything to curtail their unwelcome attention – even while sitting in a restaurant for a private family dinner. Fans and media are not receptive to encouraging them to appreciate their personal space.

Arjun Tendulkar’s Cricketing History

As a muscly boy, Arjun has had the best opportunities and guidance to learn fast bowling, and he made full use of his chances with a curved run and real outward movement throughout the first step of his career. He can make the ball swing late and at an essential speed for his generation.

Still he can be a handy lower -middle-order batsman, but it is his second priority after fast bowling.

He has represented Mumbai at under 14, under 16, and 19 levels.

Arjun has worked closely along with the biomechanics and aerodynamics coach Atul Gaikwad, his bowling method. After multiple stress fractures that took nearly one year to heal in 2016-17, Arjun had to tweak his action. Gaikwad’s experience was used well at Bangalore’s National Cricket Academy, and in the developing period of his cricket career, Arjun was very beneficial. Apart from Gaikwad, Arjun trained in Indian Test Bowlers Umesh Yadav.

Personal Information

BornSep 24, 1999 (21 years)
Birth PlaceMumbai
ParentSachin Tendulakar, Anjali Tendulkar
RoleBowling (Allrounder)
Batting Style Left Handed
Bowling StyleLeft-arm fast-medium
Hieght1.91 m

Why is Arjun Tendulkar more famous and talked among the people of the cricketing fraternity?

Exposure worldwide, something that not all of his teammates or players of his age are accustomed to. His training at Lord’s Indoor Academy has involved members of the England team. His training at the Lord’s Indoor Academy is an outstanding example of his work.

He landed on Jonny Bairstow’s toe in 2018 to send him a fracture terrifying before the South Africa tests.

He’s also an Indian team’s daily net bowler every time they play in Mumbai, and He has also bowled to the Indian women’s advance of last year’s World Cup finals against England at Lord’s.

Arjun represented in January 2014 the Cricket Club of India XI in Adelaide against the Hong Kong team, where he played 27-ball 48, apart from picking up four wickets, on the Bradman Oval. He was part of an MCC team in July 2017, which played in England two matches against Namibia Under-19. He took four wickets for 49 in his first visit to Namibia. MCC XI has won both matches.

Arjun Tendulkar’s controversy

The left-hand pacer has made a mark in Under-19 and other age cricket but has not yet been featured in IPL. However, a photograph was circulated on social media recently during IPL 2020, where Arjun Tendulkar was seen with the Mumbai Indian side in Abu Dhabi. 

There were some questions raised once the photo went viral on social media, especially on Twitter. Is Arjun Tendulkar going to make his IPL 2021 debut for the Indians of Mumbai? Can he play for the Indians of Mumbai? Since he didn’t play any senior cricket, should he play the IPL directly? There were too many gossips going around.

Will Arjun Tendulkar ever able to make it to the Indian team?

Well, the frank answer to this question is, it entirely depends upon the performance of Arjun Tendulkar and the need of the team at the time when it is entirely ready.

Whenever he wears the Indian jersey, he will have to carry the burden of expectations of literally hundreds and thousands of people who will judge him based on his game and parallelly comparing him with his legendary father.

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