10 cricket records that may not be broken

Fans and followers are enjoying the test matches and ODIs as the cricket season approaches. They are also looking forward to the IPL-22, Asia Cup, and coming T-20 world cup. Nearly everyone discusses cricket at street tea shops and friend’s get-togethers. These discussions include historic moments the game gave people to remember for a lifetime.

Fans can now play fantasy cricket by downloading an app. Here, one isn’t limited to discussing cricket only but can also create their team. Members of the group can earn points based on their performance.

As a result of the large number of people involved in the cricket discussion, several well-known resources have published articles. This article discusses the records that cricketers have set in different tournaments.

There is always the chance to break records. But it’s not easy to break records in cricket, where there have been outstanding performances. In addition to the IPL, here are a few cricket records that are impossible to break.

10 cricket records that may not be broken

Here are 10 cricket records that may not be broken

  • Maiden T20 Super Over

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Even though a dot ball is difficult to obtain, playing a maiden super is a complete surprise. Sunil Narine became the first player to bowl a maiden in a super over. In the 2014 edition, Red Steel and Guyana Amazon Warriors scored 118/8 and 118/9 in 20 overs, respectively. (in the Caribbean Premier League) and a super over was arranged to decide the winner.

This sort of situation only occurs once in a blue moon. In general, this never happens again, at least shortly.

  • 19 wickets in a Test Match

is surprising but true. The English cricketer Jim Laker picked up 19 wickets in a single test against Australia in 1956. The bowler bowled 68 overs in the game while only conceding 90 runs. Even after so many years, this record still holds the top position whenever the highest wickets in a test match are discussed. Although Yasir Shah picked up 14 wickets in 2018, the record set by Laker remains as it is.

  • 1347 International Wickets

A Sri Lankan cricketer, Muttiah Muralitharan, has taken 800 wickets in 133 tests, 534 wickets in 350 ODIs, and 13 wickets in 12 T20s. Having taken 1347 wickets in total, he holds the record for the most wickets ever taken in cricket history.

Next on the list is Shane Warne, who has collected 1001 international wickets, which is almost 25% less than the record set by Muralitharan.

  • 200 Test Matches

IPLs appears to be more popular with young players than the Ranji Trophy or first-class cricket because they offer more action in the shortest format. Nothing indeed beats the most extended design of the sport, and many believe that test matches are the best. When test matches are discussed, it is hard to overlook Sachin Tendulkar’s record of playing 200 test matches in his 24-year career. Ricky Ponting’s 168 matches enter the list only after him.

  • Test Career Batting Average of 99.94

It is said that Don Bradman played 52 matches, scored 6996 runs, scored 29 centuries, and had set a record batting average of 99.94. Bradman played his last test match in 1948. Since the player set the record more than seven decades ago, no one dared to challenge it. However, he is followed by young Australian Marnus Labuschagne with a 63.43 average, despite having scored just 1459 runs to date.

The match between Blackheath and Lithgow took place in 1931. In the history of cricket, the legend scored a century in just 18 minutes, setting an unbreakable record. Furthermore, Bradman scored 100 runs in only 3 overs during his cricket career.

  • Three Double-Centuries in ODIs

Rohit Sharma set a record by scoring three double centuries in ODIs. It has neither been repeated nor broken, and it is thought that it can hardly happen again.

  • Most first-class wickets

Muralitharan took the most wickets in international cricket, but England’s Wilfred Rhodes collected 4204 wickets. This is the most wickets taken in first-class cricket. In his 30-year cricket career, which is a fantastic record in itself, he set a record that is hard and impossible to break.

  • 199 centuries in first-class cricket

No, it’s not Sachin Tendulkar! While he may have scored the most centuries in international cricket, Sir Jack Hobbs has scored the most in first-class cricket. He scored 199 centuries in 199 first-class matches.

  • World Cup Hattrick Wins

In 1999, 2003, and 2007, Australia won consecutively three 50-over World Cups. Ricky Steve Waugh captained them, the other two by Ricky Ponting. Another record was set when the former wicketkeeper of the team scored 50+ runs in three World Cup Finals in the exact match. This record is also unbreakable. It is pretty difficult for one team to qualify for the World Cup finals back to back three times in a row.

  • Captaincy at 50

In 1899, Dr. William Gilbert Grace was the only cricketer to serve as a captain at 50. Later on, he handed over the captaincy to Archie MacLaren. This year, his cricket played its last test match against Australia.

In addition to many achievements by many players in various matches that could be discussed and felt proud of, the 10 cricket mentioned above records are the most likely to be addressed whenever sports lovers get together.
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